Online training courses

Calf Rehab

Rebuild your calf strength and prevent injury

Perimenopause Health & Performance

30 day how to train, recover and eat as a midlife runner and triathlete

Reset Mindset 2021

Join us for our live webinar January 12th 7.15pm via Zoom to help you refocus and set adjustable goals for 2021

Postnatal Foundations for Performance

Rebuild your pelvic stability and gain confidence to return to training

GRTWRunuary 2021


Glute Strength for Performance

Build hip stability to create stability and power.

Learn to Breathe

Relieve stress, boost recovery and power your performance.

Move Better Mobility

Improve your posture and movement with online mobility workouts.

100km Ultra Training Plan

Master your first 100km with our 20 week training plan

ReRun or ReRide

Run or cycle challenge to build endurance or improve your speed

Balanced Athlete

Build the foundations for great performance with our balanced athlete strength programme

Mindset Reset

Explore your WHY to help you choose the right goal event and succeed

Coach Replays

Catch up recordings of our monthly group coaching calls for premium members only

Half Ironman Training Plan

Get strong, fit and confident with this 12 week training plan.

Kettlebells For Runners & Triathletes

Improve strength and power with our time-smart four week programme

50km Ultra Training Plan

Run your first ultra with our 20 week plan for beginners to intermediates

GRTW V Marathon

Enter our virtual marathon in a weekend

GRTW V Olympic Tri

Supercharge your fitness or get race ready

Open Water Swimming Drills

Three drills to help improve your technique and performance

Master the Marathon Series

Our 3 part webinar series to help support you to have your best marathon

T.R.I.M 30 Day Nutrition

Balance and boost your training results with our 30 day nutrition programme

Yoga For Ultra Runners

Simple 20 minute yoga recovery for ultra runners

Intermediate Core for Cyclists

Run, bike, swim, use these core workouts from pro cyclist Claire Steels

Advanced Core for Cyclists

Run, bike, swim, use these advanced core workouts from pro-cyclist Claire Steels

7 Day Recover & Restore

A seven day recovery programme for runners and triathletes


Explore the magic of the trails with our 7 day challenge

Brighton Trail Marathon Train Strong Together™ 2022

20 week all-inclusive training programme with strength and stability

55km Mountain Ultra, Train Strong Together ™

Train for the Lakeland Trails 55km 2022 with a fully inclusive programme and plan

70.3 Triathlon Train Strong Together™

20 week fully inclusive training programme and race recess for Castle Tri Hever 70.3 July 2022

Intermediate Half Marathon

A 12 week training plan to achieve a race target finish

Beginner's Half Marathon

Beginners 12 week training plan for a flat half marathons

Advanced Half Marathon

12 weeks to a personal best with a high volume plan for experienced runners

Trail Half Marathon, Train Strong Together™

16 week training plan for a trail half marathon

Olympic Tri Train Strong Together™

12 week training programme for a standard distance triathlon

Marathon De Sables Plan

Train for success with this 16 week plan for this desert ultra

GRTW Runuary 2022

REG IS NOW CLOSED Blaze a trail through January with our run or cycle every day challenge

Beginners Marathon Training Plan

For novice runners to marathon distance in 16 weeks

Intermediate Marathon Training

16 week duration based marathon training plan

Brighton Marathon Train Strong Together™

Online 16 week group training for Brighton Marathon


Join GRTW founder, Rachael for this weight-based 30 minute session

Ultra 100 Mile

Finish your first 100 mile ultra event with our 20 week training plan

Beginners 70.3

A 20 week training plan for first time triathletes to half iron distance triathlon

Intermediate 70.3

Build confidence, strength and speed with our 20 week training plan

Strength Training, Winter 2 2022

Just GRTW founder, Rachael for phase 2 of live strength training

Yoga for Runners & Tri Live 1

Live online yoga and mobility recovery block for GRTW premium members

Active Woman's Gut Health Reboot

Beat the bloat and boost your body's natural immunity with our 14 day nutritional gut health reboot

Live Turbo Classes Winter 1

Join GRTW triathlon coach, Natalie for a four week live turbo block of classes

Trail Marathon Training Plan

Build your confidence with this entry level 16 week training plan

90 Day Peri & Menopause Athlete Programme

Optimise your health, performance and strength in midlife

Mobility for Midlife Athletes

Improve your mobility for pain-free movement and performance

Half Marathon Autumn 2022

Become part of our unique online training group for a fully inclusive 12 week training plan and coaching support

HIT Strength for Trail Running

Build your strength and power for the trails.

Swim Run Strength

Power your performance with this time effective kettlebell programme.

Holiday Hit

Stay fit while on holiday or business trip with our HIIT programme.

Marathon Training Success Level 1

For novice marathon runners, cross the finish line strong

Marathon Training Success Level 2

Finish strong with our unique training programme for intermediate runners

Marathon Training Success Level 3

Our unique marathon training programme for experienced runners who want to finish fast and strong.

Strength for Marathon

Build strong foundations for improved running performance.

30 Day Race Shape Challenge

5KM PB training programme to improve speed and technique

Queens of Speed Virtual 5km


Smash Your 10k PB

Get faster and stronger over 10k with our 30-day challenge.

14 Day Yoga for Rigid Runners

Improve your flexibility, boost your running flow.

Daily Dose of Yoga

Transform your flexibility, calm the mind

Essential Strength for Endurance

Ideal for endurance women building strength in running and triathlon

30 Day Core Challenge

Build a super strong core and flat tummy with the 30 day programme

Build a Stronger Body

A body-weight strength course for those short on time who want results.

ITB Rehab & Return to Running

Follow our qualified physio action plan to get back to training.

GRTW Run Love 10km

Celebrate Global Running Day with our virtual 10km


REGISTRATIONS CLOSED Ride 20k and run 5km




Challenge yourself to complete 70.3 triathlon between July 10-12.




REGISTRATION CLOSED. Run every day of January, do good for you & the planet. One tree planted for every registration.

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