Online training courses

Strength for Endurance Mums

Postnatal stability to help you get back to running & tri. Launches June 1st 2020. 

GRTW Live Online Strength

Live online classes with our host of experts for Strength, Mobility and Serotonin (SMS), Run or Tri Hit & Tri Pilates

Strength for Marathon

Build strong foundations for improved running performance. 

Build a Stronger Body

A body-weight strength course for those short on time who want results. 

ITB Rehab & Return to Running

Follow our qualified physio action plan to get back to training.

30 Day Core Challenge

Build a strong core with a daily 10 min workout.

Daily Dose of Yoga

Transform your flexibility, calm the mind.

Holiday Hit

Stay fit while on holiday or business trip with our HIIT programme.

14 Day Yoga for Rigid Runners

Improve your flexibility, boost your running flow.


30 Day Race Shape Challenge

Shave time off your race time and inches off your waistline. Goes Live 1st May

Essential Strength for Endurance

Ideal for building strength for marathon, ultra and triathlon

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