HIT Strength for Trail Running

Created for all levels by Lucja


Build your strength and power for the trails. Goes live July 19 2020.

  • Fast workouts that support your running.
  • Improved strength.
  • Boosts better biomechanics. 
  • Helps to prevent injury. 

About the course

Designed as a four week programme, with two sessions per week that you can add to your run training. 

Each session includes functional exercises that help simulate trail conditions and are under 30 minutes.


  • Eight sessions, each under 30 minutes.
  • Complete over four weeks, doing two sessions per week. 

About Lucja

From the infamous Leadville 100 miler to the stunningly beautiful Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, Australian born Lucja is an extremely experienced ultra runner.

Her feet have seen her running across the world in all kinds of terrain from Oman to the Gobi Desert, and now in Tennessee, USA where she is based.  

As a qualified personal trainer, with a speciality in functional anatomy and biomechanics, Lucja is particularly interestedi in creating strength programmes that improve mobilty and biomechancis to help women explore further and for longer, both in distance and in their life span.  


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Equipment required:

  • Dumbbell
  • Skipping rope
  • Small resistance band
  • Long resistance band
  • Professional and relevant knowledge on running and coaching. Great online training course. Really enthusiastic people. Lovely to join the GRTW community.

    – Jenni, lawyer

  • Like many working mums, I find it a challenge fitting in all the triathlon training I need to do. Using this platform, I can always find a relevant workout and know that I will be using my available time to maximum effect.’

    – Rosalyn, celebrity agent

HIT Strength for Trail Running

Created for all levels by Lucja


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