About Us

“Girls Run the World provides the complete digital training solution for busy women in running and triathlon. Our mission is to make smart training and coaching accessible to all women, to support women achieving their goals with effective training, unique content and an incredible global online community.”

Rachael, Founder

' I'm passionate about helping women to achieve their potential and having been a running and triathlon coach for over a decade, I wanted to create a platform that made female-specific training accessible to all. '

In addition to her running, triathlon and strength qualifications, Rachael writes for national publications and has presented at events including The National Running Show and the Brighton Marathon. She directs the programme content and produces the Train Smart, Race Happy podcast. 

Saffi, Head of Partnerships

Saffi is our team dynamo, keeping customers happy and making sure they can access all our online programmes, get their hands on our lovely merchandise and book on to our range of retreats.

She is passionate about empowering women and works hard to create collaborative partnerships with brands, events and charities to further our mission.

Want to work with us? Speak to info@girlsruntheworld.co.uk

Dawn, Physiotherapy Consultant

'I started running for a bit of headspace as the mum of two girls. Now they're older, I've return to my first love, swimming and love taking part in Swim Run events.'  

Dawn is a qualified physiotherapist with a private practise, Body Rehab Studios. She has consulted for Team GB and helped to create programmes for elite athletes and is the official physiotherapist of the Brighton Marathon.