In the Media

Writer, interviewer and presenter

Founder of Girls Run the World, Rachael Woolston has over 20 years experience writing for national print publications, from Marie Claire to The Guardian, Runner's World to Women's Running. 

She has also spent the last ten years creating digital content for online blogs and social media and art directing photoshoots for the GRTW platform. 

As the presenter of Girls Run the World YouTube and the podcast, she is an experienced interviewer.

She is available for interviews in the media, as well as interviewing, content and corporate speaking engagements.

What happens when you take time out of running

Women's Running, October 2017

Founder of GRTW, Rachael Woolston writes about what happens to your body when you take time out from running - and how long it takes to get back to fitness ...

Seven Steps to a PB

Want to get a personal best but save on time of training? Follow GRTW founder's seven hacks to improved performance which will save you time and effort. Win, win!


As featured in Women's Running magazine. 

Front Line Tactics: How to have your best marathon ever

Want to have your best marathon? Founder of GRTW chatted to the insiders on the London marathon, from the route painters to the toilet providers, to help give you the inside tips 

How to start run commuting

Short on time but want to maximise your performance gains? Simple. Take to run commuting.


Rachael Woolston chats with the experts to find out the handy tips to make run commuting a breeze.

How to become an anxiety-free runner

We can all follow a training plan, work on maximising our gains through physical performance, but what about the mental side of things? GRTW Founder, Rachael Woolston chatted to the experts about how to ace your mental A game 


As in Runner's World.