Monthly Programme Focus



Reflect & Refocus  Online webinar

It’s been a year of huge upheaval and change, which has affected the way we work, rest and play.  And it will continue to do so well into 2021. Join us for an online webinar about resetting and retargeting. 


Glute Strength for Performance Our foundation strength comes from our glute muscles but they are often weak affecting our progress and resulting in injury. Build your base, build your butt.


14 Day Yoga for Rigid Runners 

HEALTH & NUTRITION The Science of Breath

Breathing is a proven way to relieve stress, boost recovery and performance. Learn why and how to breathe correctly to transform your training   



30 Day Core, Build a strong core to help build your strength and stability


Move Better for PB Performance; As we age, our bodies lose their mobility unless we work to improve and undo poor lifestyle and training habits.

Health and Nutrition 

Nutritional Foundations for the Midlife Female Athlete, 25th February, 27 February on GRTW Instagram Live, 7.15pm.



30 Day Race Shape Challenge; you can take this programme, aimed at improving running technique and speed over 5km anytime. Or join our community wide initiative kicking off March 29th.


The Balanced Athlete Programme; as we head into the build phase of any training year, make sure you’ve created a bullet proof body before you add the power and speed phase


Daily Dose of Yoga Consistency is the key to improvement, not just in running and triathlon but recovery habits. Follow our 28 day programme with short yoga sessions of under 15 minutes per day to build up healthy recovery habits 

Health and Nutrition 

Instagram Live. Should you supplement your diet? Find out how your diet could be affecting your performance in sport, life and work...

GRTW endurance sports nutritionist Katherine Caris-Haris will join us for an online Instagram live chat to discuss nutritional deficiencies that often occur with lots of training and what you can do about it. This will be made available as a PDF takeaway guide. 



Virtual Marathon in a Weekend, Easter Duathlon and North Vs South 5km Queens of Speed


Kettlebells for Performance; fast workouts for speed and race shape improvements 

If you have followed our base training during the winter, now is the time to take this programme which will create the same physiological response that you will need to gain speed and power on the run, bike or swim. 

Health & Nutrition 

Instagram Live: Train with your Hormone Cycle; whatever your lifestage, learn how your hormone balance effectss your training and how to harness your hormone power. Date to be confirmed.


Group Coaching Call, Monday 17th May, 7.15pm 


Yoga Recovery for Ultra Runners


Group Coaching Call - Monday 21st June, 7.15pm


Core for Cyclists & Triathletes with new GRTW coach & pro cyclist Claire Steels

Health & Nutrition 

30 Day T.R.I.M kicks of Monday June 14th

Track, reflect, implement and measure results in our 30 day healthy nutriton challenge.  Limited spaces. 


Webinar Series - Ep: 01 Master the Marathon Thursday, June 3rd, 7.15pm 

  • Understanding periodised blocks of training
  • Avoiding Injury 
  • What's my marathon pace?

Training Plans 

Half Marathon Road Plans, Intermediate & Advanced 


Challenge - Daily Dose of Yoga 

10 mins of yoga per day for 28 days - plus bonus live classes every Monday, 18.30pm-19.00pm

Group Coaching Call, Monday 19th July, 7.15pm

Topic: How to train for a mutiple events in a year

Ultra Running Race to the Stones Coaching Call, Thursday 5th July, 7.15pm


10 Min Medicine Ball Workouts for Runners & Triathletes


Recover, Restore 7 Day Challenge - 20-30 minutes per day, reconnect, restore, refresh. A mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions incorporating yoga, mobility, myofascial and breathwork, along with key learnings about the science of recovery. 26th July-August 1st


Master the Marathon Series Ep.02, Thursday, July 29th, 7.15pm

Nutrition, Yoga and fasical release techniques to keep your body ticking over and mindset. 



 V-Ultra Alps 16th-31st August 

Join us for our second year in increasing women's participation on the trails with our virtual challenge to run 106 miles over eight days. Break it down into chunks and hike-run, or go for prize podium placing and your chance to win prizes. 



Group Coaching Call, Monday 20th September, 7.15pm


Master the Marathon Series Ep.03, Thursday, September 2nd, 7.15pm


Master the Menopause - Training as a Midlife Athlete


1st -30th November, 30 Day Race Shape 5km Speed & Running Technique 

Train Strong Together Programmes launch - In 2022, you can choose to join us in training for a specific A goal event. TST includes training plans, strength training, get together at the race and more. Details here.  These programmes are complimentary to full annual members only. 

  • Brighton Trail Marathon 
  • Lakeland Trails 55km Ultra (shorter distances available)
  • Hever Castle Olympic or 70.3 Triathlon (this will be part of our partipation and performance pathway, aiming for an equal number of female finishers at triathlon races).
  • Valencia marathon


Daily Dose of Yoga - 28 days of yoga to help you restore and recover ready to build strong for 2022.