“Voted as one of the top 9 running retreats in the UK by Runner's World magazine”

Creating Life Affirming Training Experiences Since 2013


Over the last eight years, Girls Run the World have been creating incredible running travel experiences around the world. 

Race the World 

What could be better for your race motivation than training for an event in a cool European city? Our first travel offering, we train you for a specific event and create cultural and foodie weekends around the race experience. From incredible Istanful to the cool urban chic of Berlin, from foodie Paris to arty Palma, our weekends have brought runners together to create life-changing memories and running experiences. Currently on hold during 2021-2022 due to the pandemic.

Run Wild Trail Running & Yoga

Set in spectacular parts of the UK, our trail running adventures help runners to explore the beauty of the UK, while learning trail running techniques. Sunrise and sunset restorative yoga and delicous vegetarian meals complete the weekend. There is a reason that we have been voted one of the best UK retreats in the UK by Runner's World. 

Run the World 

In 2019 we launched our first international training experience in Ethiopia. Our trips are as much about the training as the culture, food and people of the country we visit. Sadly, our Ethiopia trip is not possible due to the pandemic and ongoing troubles in the region. But sign up for our upcoming triathlon, cycling or running adventures for 2022.

“‘Just do it! You will have so much fun, explore somewhere new whilst running and meet inspiring by like minded women. You’ll never forget it.‘”