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Beat the blues & experience our renowned GRTWRunuary, running every day of January challenge. 

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Level: All Levels

Our run every day in January challenge, (#GRTWRunuary) is suitable for all levels, whatever your fitness level and whether you're new to running or run regularly. 

There are no prizes for how far or how fast you run, simply commit to moving every day from January 1st to 31st. You can run as little as 100 metres (30 seconds) or 10k, the distance, speed is completely up to you.  

Your contribution REALLY counts though. We will combine everyone's total to see whether we can virtually run around the globe, that's just over 24,000 miles. 

Inspiration, support, motivation. Sharing running stories from across the globe, and proving how much we can do when we come together as one. 

Benefits include: 

  • improved fitness
  • motivation
  • inspiration
  • support 
  • improved mental well being
  • endurance
  • speed
  • Plus our exclusive GRTW Runuary t-shirt on successful verification of your completed challenge
  • Helping to inspire others

*10% of any profit will go towards a charity supporting girls and women. 

We will all be in it together, sharing the journey, good runs, bad runs, heck-it-was-hard-to-get-out-there-runs.

On successful completion (please read our Runuary rules of participation here) you will receive an exclusive limited edition GRTW running t-shirt.  

Part of the #GRTWRunuary experience includes staying accountable and sharing your running experiences. You will need do the following.

  • Share your run on social media using our unique hashtag, #GRTWRunuary and tag us. This helps to inspire and holds you accountable.  
  • Track your runs on Strava to collate your distance. 

(Please note, additional postage will apply for entrants outside the United Kingdom).


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