Success Stories

Judith Milligan, London Marathon, 2019

I thought that  having completed a trail marathon in the Scottish Highlands in August 2018, I'd be fine bumbling along following my own training. But when Rachael pointed out that my weekly milage wasn’t as high as it should be for 12 weeks away from a marathon and that I had rather a lot of holiday to factor in, I realised that I’d under estimated the job in hand and needed that expert evaluation that comes with having a coach.

Rachael initially set the plan a week at a time as she wanted to see how I was coping with building up the milage. By using TrainingPeaks, there is no hiding from the facts as all the data is there for both of us to see.

My training pace was originially based around completing the marathon in my “wildest dreams” time - but half way through the plan, it became apparent that holidays and life meant that this was overly ambitious and she modified the pace to a more realistic one.

The weekly emails were really supportive, encouraging and gently reminded me, every week, not to set off too fast and to discipline myself on the long runs to keep at a slower pace. I never did master that and inevitably ran the first few miles of the marathon faster than I should have!

The nutritional advice particularly about fuelling on long runs was incredibly helpful, and I didn’t hit the wall or feel sick from eating too many sweets and gels.

On race day I felt well prepared for the big event, as Rachael had made sure I’d built up the milage so that I had remained injury free and had a mental strategy in place for key parts of the race when the going gets tough.

The most imporatnt thing for me was to be able to run the course, enjoy the day and cross the finish line strongly with a smile on my face. Thanks to Rachael I did! 

Signing up for virtual coaching with Girls Run The World was the best decision I could have made.

Judith Milligan, London Marathon, 2019, 5:24.00

Marie Wright, Brighton Marathon, 2019

Thank you so much for all the support and great advice that came with my training plan for the Brighton marathon. I had 101 random and ridiculous thoughts whizzing around my head on the morning of the race but never, at any point, did I doubt that I woudl complete the distance and that has from all the training and mentoring.

I got so much out of my first marathon experience, and not just the knowledge that my legs can make it around the coures. All the training with the plan, has helped me guild greater confidence and belief in my running. Thank you again for all your help! 

Naomi Trickey, New York Marathon, 2017

The online training and mentoring provided by Girls Run the World transformed my training experience. 

After discussing my goals, as well as my strengths and weaknesses, both physically and mentally, Rachael put together a custom plan for me, which was tweaked continually as the weeks went by, according to how well my training was going and the million other things I fit into my life.

It covered every aspect of training, with detailed sessions and guidance on pace, endurance, strength work, stretching/yoga and even reminders of when to get a massage. Rachael gave me specific paces and times I needed to hit for all of the running sessions, worked out according to analysis of previous times. IN a nutshell, this is what the mentoring service gave me. I learned loads and loved the entire journey to the finish line of the New York Marathon!

Naomi finished the New York Marathon in 4.45.25

“Our retreats & training Holidays”


‘I’m writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the GRTW yoga and running retreat . All the running routes were fantastic – fun and varied – taking in towns, countryside, rivers and hills with some truly spectacular views.

It was also the first time I have been out with a qualified coach, and I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of the experience. Rachael, Tara and Amy were all very inclusive and encouraging and I very much appreciated the fact that we were split into three groups so that everyone could be confident about taking part, regardless of speed and ability, nobody felt left behind and or felt frustrated.

The yoga was also of a very high standard and thoroughly enjoyable … and I am speaking as someone fortunate enough to have Yogi parents and who has been to many, many yoga classes! Last but not least, another big highlight was the food – absolutely fantastic – fresh, healthy and delicious! 

Thanks so much for a really great experience. I’m already looking forward to the next one!’

Jo Prior, Sussex

‘This is the second time I’ve been on a Girls Run The World trip and the second time it has exceeded my expectations. The running and yoga sessions were great, food delicious, both a notch up from what you might expect but perhaps, most importantly, there was plenty of time to hang out with a group of inspirational women, from all walks of life, who had all taken a bit of time out to be outside and run together… as mastercard would say… priceless. I arrived home feeling stronger, relaxed, more confident, energised and inspired!’

Nikki Welch, Edinburgh

The weekend was just what I needed it was great to meet and spend time with so many inspiring and strong women in such a beautiful location. Thanks for adjusting the runs so I could participate at my slow plod. I felt really energised and inspired on my return home.'

Karen Keenan, London

‘I signed up after seeing a last minute space come available on the trail running and yoga retreat in Sussex- it was the best decision ever! I met fantastic women from all walks of life with a passion for running and health. The coaches were very experienced and helped me with tips to improve my form on hills. The combination of running and yoga over the weekend left me feeling stronger and inspired to continue my journey with running. 

Nicole Herholdt