GRTW Train Strong Together™

Choose a race goal that challenges and excites you, get ongoing coaching support and the accountability of being part of a team with the same target and race together…

Nothing beats training as part of a group, sharing the journey, the trials and tribulations and that incredible sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line. It can be life-changing.

And yet, according to research that we have conducted, many women are deterred from entering races that they really want to do because of lack of time, and confidence.

Our Team GRTW Train Strong Together programmes for 2022 are about to change all of that.

What is Train Strong Together?

We have created five focus events for 2022, across trail running, road running and triathlon. Each programme will come with a fully comprehensive training plan, including live stream strength classes, Zwift turbo sessions, (where appropriate), individual and group coaching calls, and a meet up training weekend, alongside the race experience itself.

Leaving you to simply focus on enjoying the training, without having to stress about what to do or when, and being inspired and held accountable by the fact that you’re in it with a group training for that same goal, whether you live in the Outer Hebrides or Oulton.

Enjoy Ride the Route group get togethers as part of the triathlon training group

Our TST events for 2022

Register for the one A focus event that excites you. Then sign up for the appropriate TST programme when we launch in November. Our events are:

What is included?

  • Base training (before you begin to build volume) live strength and turbo classes
  • 16-20 week training plan, delivered via app with the option for daily email reminders
  • One 1-2-1 coaching call
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Girls Run the World race vest
  • Ongoing community support
  • Optional add on training weekend

Be part of achieving a 50-50 gender split

Taking part would be more than just your own personal journey to a fitter, stronger, you. Our mission since we launched the Girls Run the World running and triathlon platform, was to help achieve gender parity on race start and finish lines. In 2022-23, those missions are around trail running and triathlon.

How empowering and inspiring would it feel to look around a start and finish line and see an equal number of women taking part? So join us in transforming your training journey, be inspired and inspire someone else.

How do I register?

We will have an early launch date of open registrations for all programmes in November. These will be open for two weeks only at an early bird price for training start dates in February 2022. Make sure you are on our newsletter list when we go live.

TST programmes are also included in our annual membership price. You can lock in our first year membership price of £15.20 per month (payable upfront annual) with the code GRTWTB and freeze the membership to start with TST*.

* New sign ups only. You can not freeze a pre-existing membership.