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GRTW Train Strong Together™

Choose a race goal that challenges and excites you, get ongoing coaching support and the accountability of being part of a team with the same target and race together… Nothing beats training as part of a group, sharing the journey, the trials and tribulations and that incredible sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line. It can be life-changing. And yet, according to research that we have conducted, many women are deterred from entering races that they really want to do because of lack of time, and confidence. Our Team GRTW Train Strong Together programmes for 2022 are about

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Two of the Best Mobility Exercises for Runners and Triathletes

Find out what mobility is, why it’s fundamental to your performance and try two exercises from our Move Better Mobility programme for runners and triathletes to help you improve your range of movement Mobility and flexibility are often used interchangeably, but they mean two different things. ‘Mobility refers to joint range of motion while flexibility refers to the length of a muscle,’ explains GRTW founder, Rachael Woolston. ‘When it comes to minimizing injury and improving performance, you need to have the ability to move through the required range of motion for your activity.’ ‘What we always say to our athletes

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Open water swimming

3 of the Best Swimming Drills

We all know that drills are important. But which ones are the best to do for triathlon and why? The Pull What is it? Swim freestyle with a pull buoy between your thighs. Why? The pull drill is good as it helps to improve your freestyle stroke by keeping your legs buoyant so you can focus on the front end of your stroke. Particularly good for runners who take up triathlon and have sinking legs! The Kick What is it? Kicking, while holding a float at arm’s length. Why? This drill isolates your legs, enabling you to practice your leg kick. Try to drive

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Girls Run the World, women supporting women in running and triathlon

News Release: Choose to Challenge

On International Women’s Day, Girls Run the World announce our choose to challenge initiative to address gender disparity in three main areas, trail running, triathlon and coaching Girls Run the World was born out of a demand for a sports tech platform, that offers digital training and coaching specific to women in running and triathlon. Today, on International Women’s Day 2021 we announce our two year initiative as part of the campaign #ChooseToChallenge in the following areas. TRAIL RUNNING Our mission is to increase the numbers of women participating in trail running. Although this figure is increasing, studies ndicate that

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Get faster for park run

30 Days Get Faster Plan For ParkRun

Shave minutes off your race time and centimetres off your waistline with our 30 Day Race Shape Challenge 2021 launching 29 March How exciting is it that Parkrun returns on June 5th after over a year of hiatus? Whether you used your Saturday morning park run to run your first ever 5km, meet up with friends, as a time trial, a long marathon training run with a tempo sandwich or a run off the bike, it works well for all types of runners and triathletes and at all stages of your training journey. But we’ve all been out of practise

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UTMB 2019 finish line

Three Reasons Why You CAN Run an Ultra

Women’s participation in trail and ultra running is renowned for being low. Here one of the GRTW ultra coaches, Lucja Leonard dispels the common worries that deter many women I could never run 50km Most runners, including the elite ultra runners walk or hike some portions of an ultra. It’s a proven method of tackling an ultra, particularly if it is a mountain one. ‘When I did the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, which is 106 miles with 10,000m ascent, I walked about 60% of it,’ explains Lucja. By hiking, you conserve energy and have the time to take on much

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Five of the Best Recovery Techniques

Want to progress in your running and triathlon? Give your body the chance to adapt to the training stress with these recovery tips GRTW Coach Recommendation: Performance Naps We all know that sleep gives our muscles the chance to recover after running or triathlon training. But have you ever tried a short nap for recovery after a hard session? Give it a go, it works. ‘If you’ve done a long run or bike ride, or something very intense, the very best thing you can do is to sleep for ten minutes,’ explains GRTW founder and coach, Rachael Woolston, V45 winner

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Wanted: Admin & Customer Service Exec

Want to work for a fast growing, exciting content and coaching platform with big growth plans? We’re looking to hire a confident, outgoing admin person who is interested in growing with the role as we expand. We’re looking for an administrative whizz, who is capable of juggling multiple tasks, with great attention to detail and a confident, outgoing attitude. You must have the confidence to think on your feet, the mental dexterity to turn your attention to lots of varied tasks that are part and parcel of a fast growing digital company. The role will involve the following: Responding to

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Julie Carter, has now been running for over 1500 days without a break

How does a running addict survive Covid-19 in France?

Bad enough not to be able to run, when you’ve been on a running streak for five years. Here, Julie Carter, tells us how she is coping with the restrictions lockdown in France. As told to Saffi Leigh. How does a run addict survive COVID-19?? My name is Julie, and I’m an addict… A running addict. If someone had approached me and told me that I had an addiction, I would have laughed in their face. Me an addict? Don’t be silly. Like every addict I was still in the self-denial phase. It has taken COVID-19 to make me wake

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