Author: Elsa Smith

UTMB 2019 finish line

Three Reasons Why You CAN Run an Ultra

Women’s participation in trail and ultra running is renowned for being low. Here one of the GRTW ultra coaches, Lucja Leonard dispels the common worries that deter many women I could never run 50km Most runners, including the elite ultra runners walk or hike some portions of an ultra. It’s a proven method of tackling an ultra, particularly if it is a mountain one. ‘When I did the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, which is 106 miles with 10,000m ascent, I walked about 60% of it,’ explains Lucja. By hiking, you conserve energy and have the time to take on much

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Five of the Best Recovery Techniques

Want to progress in your running and triathlon? Give your body the chance to adapt to the training stress with these recovery tips recommended by every day female athletes in our Real Women Review series Coach Recommendation: Performance Naps We all know that sleep gives our muscles the chance to recover after running or triathlon training. But have you ever tried a short nap for recovery after a hard session? Give it a go, it works. ‘If I’ve done a long run or bike ride, or something very intense, the very best thing you can do is to sleep for

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Julie Carter, has now been running for over 1500 days without a break

How does a running addict survive Covid-19 in France?

Bad enough not to be able to run, when you’ve been on a running streak for five years. Here, Julie Carter, tells us how she is coping with the restrictions lockdown in France. As told to Saffi Leigh. How does a run addict survive COVID-19?? My name is Julie, and I’m an addict… A running addict. If someone had approached me and told me that I had an addiction, I would have laughed in their face. Me an addict? Don’t be silly. Like every addict I was still in the self-denial phase. It has taken COVID-19 to make me wake

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