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Running saved me

Marathoner, swimmer, breast cancer survivor, US actress, Ingrid Walters, 49 spoke to GRTW founder, Rachael Woolston about mental resilience and how running kept her sane… Actress and elite marathoner Ingrid Walters chats to us about getting faster with age, running through breast cancer and the need for better representation of black, Asian and mixed-race female athletes in endurance sport. Ingrid was a competitive swimmer in her teens, one of the few black faces at the swimming pool in 1980’s America, a scene she now finds familiar as a marathon runner. At the age of 47, Ingrid achieved a sub 3

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Black Girls Do Run UK: We’re just trying to be active, healthy and have fun!

Tasha Thompson, 43, from London is the founder of Black Girls Do Run UK. Last year, she set up the online community to inspire black women to run for their health, fitness and mental wellbeing. Tasha started running 21 years ago, she started out in the gym on the treadmills and made the switch to running outdoors and entering races and she hasn’t looked back. We wanted to find out why there aren’t many BAME women running and how we can promote diversity in the running world. Have you noticed an increased number of black females taking part in races?

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My marathon journey: from stroke to finish line

Lou Read, 36, a lawyer and mum of two, from Notts was a sub 20 minute Parkrun runner until she suffered a stroke last October which left her unable to walk or even talk. Almost a year on from the anniversary of her stoke, she shares the first of her monthly blog posts for Girls Run the World, charting her training and return to the London Marathon in April 2020.  The marathon and I have unfinished business. After dropping from a time of 3hrs, 26minutes to 3hours, 13minutes between 2016 and 2017, I gave training for the London Marathon 2018

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