Month: February 2020

How to pace others to a Parkrun PB

Alongside the This Girl Can campaign, to get more women to Parkrun this International Women’s Day 2020, we are on a mission to provide some all-female pacing teams. How many times has Parkrun helped you over the years, either to get started running, to achieve a personal best, to help you achieve the final tempo part of a long marathon run or a brick session for triathlon? Whilst Parkrun encourages both inclusivity and participation, it is also a great training method for performance. So, this International Women’s Day come and join Girls Run the World to celebrate, by running in

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Three signs of the onset of ITBS

Learn to detect the niggles of ITBS syndrome BEFORE it becomes chronic, and you could help prevent it ruining your marathon or triathlon training. We all know that we should build our stability before we add volume too quickly, wear the right trainers/right cleats and improve our running/cycling technique to help prevent runners knee. But how many of us actually do this? Not many, judging by the number of female runners and triathletes who purchase our streamed online recovery course Rehab and Return to Running for ITBS. If you are in peak training season for an event, these are signs

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Poor recovery strategies could sap your will power?

Countless studies have suggested that the harder we train without sufficient recovery, the more it saps our will power, leading to us choosing immediate reward rather than delaying it. A recent study published by French researchers in the the journal, Biology Letters studied 37 serious triathletes, half of whom increased their training load by 40 percent for a three-week period. At the end of this, they completed a series of decision-making tasks in a brain scanner. The overtrained athletes all chose immediate rewards – for instance £10 now rather than £50 in six months. ‘What does this have to do

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