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How do you cope with being injured?

It’s about this time in the Spring marathon season that injuries start cropping up. How do you manage it and what can you do to keep physically and mentally fit? Injuries inevitably happen when you are training. However, research has shown that factors including: a sudden increase in volume without a gradual progression, the wrong shoes, and a lack of strength training can all increase your risk of injury. All of these things tend to come to the fore in March, during the Spring season. You get so far. But then add volume too quickly and your calf muscles or

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Three signs of the onset of ITBS

Learn to detect the niggles of ITBS syndrome BEFORE it becomes chronic, and you could help prevent it ruining your marathon or triathlon training. We all know that we should build our stability before we add volume too quickly, wear the right trainers/right cleats and improve our running/cycling technique to help prevent runners knee. But how many of us actually do this? Not many, judging by the number of female runners and triathletes who purchase our streamed online recovery course Rehab and Return to Running for ITBS. If you are in peak training season for an event, these are signs

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Knee pain explained – and three ways to train your way out of pain

Knee pain can take many women out of action, from beginners to seasoned¬†female athletes. Here’s what causes it and what you can do to prevent – or recover from it…. All too often, we push through knee pain, pushing it away thinking that it will go away or that the pain is just in our head. But when it turns into a persistent, dull nagging ache, sharp pain or even feels like ground glass under the kneecap, you know that the situation is going to need more than just taking ibuprofen. ¬†Here we explain the mechanisms behind knee pain and

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