Month: June 2021

Healthy Eating for Runners and Triathletes

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is important for everyone regardless of age, gender, or how active you are. For endurance athletes, the importance of good nutrition is further heightened as it plays a huge role in performance both in training and recovery and of course, on race day. The British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week kicks off on Monday 14 June with the message of ‘find your healthier you.’ The focus of this week is encouraging everyone to reflect on lifestyles and how to make improvements that will enhance health and wellbeing including ways to plan healthier meals and

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Girls Run the World open water swimming coach, Kelly Gentry shares 5 great ways to get the most out of your swimming workout from warm-up to cool down. As busy women, we want to get the most out of our time in the water. How do we do that? Avoid garbage yardage! Swimming a designated time or distance without choosing a focus or varying what you’re doing can often prevent you from gaining the benefits of your time and effort. Break your workout down into achievable segments. Avoid focusing on what is ahead in your training. Swimming takes constant conscious, mindful effort.

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Find Your Foot Shape to Combat Injury

The feet form the very foundations of the body. As runners and triathletes, we rely on them 100% so taking care of them should be top of the priority list. But everyone is different and the needs of your own pair can actually be determined by the shape of your foot. Researchers working with in collaboration with podiatry experts, identified some of the most common foot types. The research shows that the shape and structure of your feet, the toes and arch of your foot can indicate what injury issues you might experience. Here is how to combat them!

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