Month: May 2021

running pack

Five of the Best Running Packs

Getting set to hit the trails this summer? Find out the best running packs as recommended by real runners in our latest Real Women Review With more and more women taking up trail running and ultra running, all which require mandatory kit, finding a running pack that is big enough and comfortable over many miles is almost as challenging as the race. Room for kit, waterproofing, comfortable and big enough room for all the snacks (surely one of the joys of ultra running is taking a stash of delicious goodies, eh?) which is the best? Here’s our guide as tried

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How to create your own solo running adventure

Races may have disappeared from calendars during the pandemic. But it led to many people creating their own training adventures, including GRTW founder, Rachael Woolston Everyone has heard of bike packing which has exploded in popularity during and since the pandemic. But what about just taking off on your own two feet for a solo running adventure and sleeping wild under the stars? I decided to try fast-packing over the Easter weekend, mapping a route on the Monarch’s Way that would allow me to start from my home. First considerations of course, how could I do it as lightly as

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Eight Ways Hiking Can Improve Your Running

‘You’re not a real runner’ if you walk’ or so the adage goes. Think again, as hiking is a powerful tool in your training tool kit as Ruth Martin discovers Was there ever a year when more people got outside walking and hiking than in 2020? Small wonder it became so popular with with working-from-home life providing the time, and the pandemic restricting movement offering the opportunity. According to Strava’s annual Year in Sport the UK saw an 82% increase in outdoor activities being posted. And activities classified as walking outdoors increased threefold compared to 2019, not just amongst those

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Sweet Potato, Walnut & Tenderstem Broccoli Salad

Melt in your mouth roasted sweet potato, paired with chilli roasted walnuts is the perfect combination in this nourishing salad from the Girls Run the World kitchen Ingredients (for two) Two sweet potatoes, roasted in their skin Two softly boiled eggs Organic salad leaves Tenderstem broccoli, lightly steamed Walnuts, roasted in the oven with chilli powder Red onion, sliced and chopped Tomatoes, to your own taste One sliced ripe avocado Dressing: olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and white wine vinegar Combine all together and serve! This is the perfect post training recovery salad, or you can add chickpeas or meat

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Delicious cherry smoothie for runners

Breakfast Cherry Smoothie for Runners

You often don’t feel like eating when you’ve finished a hard training session but that’s when you need to eat the most. Try this delicious smoothie for easy sipping to help your recovery Protein, slow and fast release sugars, and vitamins are all needed within a 30 minute window of finishing a hard training session if you want the best recovery. Try our delicious smoothie recipe for runners. Ingredients Nut or coconut milk (add additional depending how runny you prefer) Handful of oats Half a banana Fresh or frozen cherries or blueberries Spoonful of Greek yoghurt Whizz together in a

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Goggles are an essential part of open water swimming kit. Our latest Real Women review asks our community of female swimmers what brands and models of goggles for open water swimming they most love and why Come on in, the water’s lovely. TYR Special Ops 3.0, £32 and Speedo Vanquisher 2.0, £25 – Coaches Recommendation “For marathon swims, the TYR Special Ops 3.0 available in a Femme and Normal size. I’ve worn these for up to 9 hours without a goggle mark after! Super comfortable and most swimmers I recommend them to also love them. For up to 10k or

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Sun’s out, sunglasses out! In our latest Real Women review, we round up five of the best running sunglasses as recommended by some real-life female runners. When the sun comes out, we tend to be very good at layering on the sunscreen (you do, don’t you?!) to protect our skin but what about our eyes? The radiation from the sun in the form of UV light, even on cloudy days can damage our eyes. So along with looking for sunnies to help you see well on the trails and roads as you run, opt for a brand that includes both

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