Month: January 2020

The simple joy of running

In October 2019, Louise Read, 37 a lawyer and mum of two, almost died after suffering a stroke. This is the third of her blogs detailing her return back to running strong as she trains for the London Marathon Last night, my resting heart rate was 42. Since I’ve been at work, it’s tripled – and it’s only 10.15am. The joys of being a litigation lawyer. I think I need a cup of tea. To add to my stress levels, my husband has just texted me to say that the gift I left UNDER HIS LUNCHBOX to post for my

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Delicious marathon & bike training breakfasts

Want a delicious, quick easy breakfast that will help to fuel you and means you don’t have to get up hours earlier than you need to? Try these One of the hardest things about training for endurance and holding down a career/family/relationship (delete or add as required!) is that, all those long miles on bike or feet need to be done early in the day, to get them out of the way and give you time to live your life. But, that then means getting up even earlier to eat a breakfast that you can digest to fuel your training.

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