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how to run marathon des sables

How To Run Marathon Des Sables

Running Marathon Des Sables, the renowned multi-stage ultra set in the Moroccan desert requires more than just training. Follow these essential tips from Girls Run the World ultra coach, Lucja Leonard Pack light Keep it simple, you’ll need less than you think. Use a spreadsheet to calculate everything that you are taking from food to kit so you can analyse this properly and adjust where necessary. Our MdS training plan and coaching includes a template to help you with this. Running in the sand Use shorter, lighter steps. The sand in the Sahara is soft, particularly in the dunes, so

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong During an Ultra?

21 things to think of before you race your next ultra from GRTW ultra-running coach, Lucja Leonard… You’ve done all the training, you’ve prepped your mind but a lot can go wrong on race day. Have you thought of the what ifs? After lots of mini disasters that I’ve either experienced or witnessed at ultras, here’s a non-exhuastive list of things that could, might and possibly will go wrong during an ultra. By thinking about what you can do to either prevent or deal with these issues if and/or when they happen you’ll be better placed mentally to carry on

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ultra runner on top of a mountain

The Secret to Completing an Ultra Marathon

The biggest misconception about an ultra is that everyone runs the entire race. In reality, walking is not only acceptable but should be part of your race strategy as GRTW ultra running coach, Lucja Leonard explains Many runners who new to ultra running, assume you have to train to run at the same pace for an ultra as you would do a road marathon. IN reality, your training will be completely different for an ultra trail run compared to a road run, or even a trail race of a marathon distance or under. With vertical ascent/descent, technical trails and distances

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Why ultra running could be your superpower

Ruth Martin, GRTW social media manager and ultra runner explains how running is her superpower, helping her to develop skills for life and work… “Why do you love running so far?” is a question I often get asked. Yes, it makes me physically fit but it’s about far more. I’ve met amazing people and it’s encouraged me to be more adventurous and take challenges way beyond my comfort zone, which have developed me as a person. In fact, the more invested I’ve become, the more I think that ultra running is my own super power! Here’s why I think it

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When taking on a multi-stage ultra, what you need to pack in your bag and take along for the ride can be just as important (and stressful to think about) as any other part of your training and preparation. After taking on a six day event in the Croatian mountains, here’s some top tips from GRTW content writer Ruth Pick the right bag How much gear you need to take will of course depend on how long your event is and where you will be staying. You’ll need a bag big enough to comfortably fit everything in so you can

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How learning to recover made me a stronger ultra runner

Georgina Smith, 34, a chef lives in Chamonix with husband, Dan Fitzgerald. She reveals how pulling out of the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, a 72 mile ultra race in September 2018 eventually led to a podium place When you train for a mountain ultra with 10 summits over 4000 metres, it puts the fear of god into you so you train hard! The race had been created by Lizzy Hawker, record five-time winner of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, who had used the trails around Monte Rosa, which lie between Italy and Switzerland to train for the UTMB.  Renowned

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