Author: Saffi Leigh

Lessons we learn when running

Lacking motivation without a confirmed race? Here, Erika Snyder, 36, yoga teacher and mum of three from Washington, US, explains how a switch in mindset during her first ultra marathon helped her to let go Why do I run? Why do any of us run? It’s a question that my coach, Danielle, often asks me. ‘What is your why?’ Like most of us, my answers used to range depending on the day. Some days, it’s to escape the house, other times, a quest for fitness, or simply a chance to slow down and take time out from the relentless pace

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Five of the world’s most amazing outdoor pools

We can but dream…add these to your triathlon outdoor swimming wish list… The San Alfonso del Mar, Chile This private water resort in Chile is 1km long, still quite a few laps for an Ironman distance swim but we wouldn’t complain! Kolej Yayasan Saad (KYS) international School, Malaysia This has got to be the most amazing lap pool over at over 3km per length. Bit of a pain if your coach has given you a kicking drill for one length, eh? Chamonix, Mont- Blanc, France Chamonix, our hearts like in this gorgeous mountain town in the Alps where we hold

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11 life positive tips for getting through Covid-19

Feeling anxious and out of control due to the corona pandemic? Katherine O’Hara, 43, life coach, mum of two and former professional Ironman athlete, gives her tips on how to survive the uncertainty positively Having never experienced a pandemic like the Corona virus in my lifetime, all I know is that, much like an endurance event we are going to have to pace ourselves and break it down into steps that we know that we can achieve. The only difference is, we do not know where the finish line will be and that line keeps moving. The challenge is different

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