Month: March 2019

#grtwproject26.2 ‘I’ve gone vegan while marathon training.’

In this month’s blog, #grtwproject26.2 runner, Catriona Ward-Sell, explains how changing her running technique is helping her run..and the big change to her nutrition When training for a marathon, it’s easy to let an obsession with stats and goals touch every part of your life. ‘Will I finish work in time to get my long run in? Will these biscuits I’m eating fuel or hinder tomorrow’s paces? Should I take my foam roller to the cinema with me?’  I have also been thinking about how my running fits into the bigger picture of my life, health, and the world around me.

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#grtwproject26.2 ‘I’m riding a rollercoaster of emotions.’

Pre marathon anxiety is now kicking in, not least what to wear. Is planning your marathon day outfit as complicated as choosing your wedding outfit?!It’s beginning to seem so for Rachel Sparkhall  With the second four week block of training provided by Girls Run the World, Tara completed, it certainly feels like the clock is starting to tick fast and training intensity is ramping up. Nerves are rumbling around and whilst I’ve completed all the training and hit the required mileage, I’m riding a roller-coaster of emotions.  ‘Can I get my nutrition right on the day and not need to

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#grtwproject26.2 ‘Keeping a food diary has helped prevent me chain-eating biscuits’

For the first time, #grtwproject26.2 runner, Marie Knight, believes that running the marathon really is possible. And how to ensure that she doesn’t eat herself out of house and home as the miles increase  When I was growing up, The Wizard of Oz was one of my favourite films and never have Dorothy’s words ‘I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,’ felt more true. I’m writing this feeling very pleased with myself for having finished my long run, 17 MILES. This is the longest distance I have ever run, and more than I’d normally cover in a total

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