Month: November 2019

GRTW Runderlust – this weekend’s bucket list races

Exploring the world and the people who live in it through running is a great way to travel. Here’s our pick of this weekend’s inspirational destinations Valencia Marathon There are few places where you can enjoy amazing food, a great city to explore, great weather and a PB worthy course as Valencia. We are big fans of this Spanish city with incredible restaurants and trendy cafes in the funky neighbourhood of Rusafa, as a running destination. In 2020, we will be again taking a trip there and running a special Project Marathon training group for this winter race (view our

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GRTW Runderlust – this weekend’s bucket list events

Up this weekend is one event that’s been on the wish-list of most of our team here at GRTW HQ for some time… Bagan Temple Marathon Tucked away in central Myanmar is Bagan, home to more than 2000 temples through which the route of this marathon passes. From the 9th-13th centuries, these temples were the capital of Pagan Dynasty which unified what is know Myanmar. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s a major draw to the slowly burgeoning tourist industry. Should you travel there or not? This is a country that has been relatively untouched, it’s temples and street

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Girls Run the World Project Marathon?

Are you running London, Brighton, Paris or Manchester in Spring 2020? We are opening a limited number of slots on Girls Run the World Project Marathon, our online community coaching scheme that provides a 16 week training plan, and ongoing access to founder Rachael Woolston and head coach Tara Shannahan Crossing the finish line of a marathon is a journey that doesn’t begin on the start line, it begins right back when you start training in December. And it should be a rewarding experience where you learn more about your capabilities and develop, week by week. But all too often

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Come together as one and run for the world

We’re growing a forest #grtwrunuary 2020

Join our worldwide running campaign, Girls Run the World Runuary 2020 and help us inspire women to get moving and reforest the earth with our donation of one tree for every entry to support our charity partner, Treesisters We are really excited to announce that for our Runuary 2020 campaign, we are partnering with the amazing Treesisters. The charity raises funds which go towards reforestation projects and educating empowering women in on leadership roles . Their goal of empowering women and creating networks is also at the heart of what we do at Girls Run the World. Everything from our

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GRTW Runderlust – this weekend’s bucketlist races

Running is as much about exploring new spaces and cultures as personal bests and fitness. We bring you our pick of this weekend’s bucket list race destinations from around the world Great Ethiopia Run  Why travel all that way for a 10k, you may be asking? Because Ethiopia is an incredible country to visit for its food, culture and people. Not to mention, that it has spawned some of the best runners the world has ever seen.  Girls Run the World even got to meet some of them when we took a small group tour there in 2018. Yes, we

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Lou Read recovering from a stroke out on a london marathon training run

My stroke anniversary hit me hard

Last October, Lou Read, 37, a laywer and mum of two suffered a stroke that left her unable to walk or talk. This is the second of her monthly updates exclusive for Girls Run the World about training for the London Marathon 2020 They say getting to the start line mentally and physically ready for a marathon is bigger than actually doing it. This I know is true, and it’s going to ring truer than ever for me this time as I train for the London Marathon. (Listen to our podcast with Lou about how a stroke transformed her life).

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mosaic medal of Ravenna

GRTW Runderlust – the best race travel destinations

Maratona Di Ravenna Why travel to Ravenna, the Italian province of Emilia Romagna to run a marathon? Because it was once the capital of the Roman Empire and so it contains eight (yes, eight!) world heritage sites, it’s close to the “Adriatic Riviera” and is renowned as a foodie destination. And if you’ve ever been on any of the Girls Run the World Run Away race weekends, you’ll know that we take our food explorations as seriously as our running! Everywhere you turn in Ravenna, you’ll find 5th and 6th centre mosiacs, including a night sky of 900 glittering stars at the

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Transform your running tech with one simple tip

Want to avoid injury and improve your running speed and efficiency? Just follow this one simple tip… and it has nothing to do with doing speed sessions!  There is so much written on the internet, discussed on long, boring podcasts and ruminated over in research papers and magazines about running technique. But try this one simple tip and it will transform your running. The secret? Run silently Take out your headphones and start tuning into the sound of your feet as they hit the pavement, road or trail. If you can hear them, change it. Stride so quietly and carefully

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Orta San Guilio

GRTW Runderlust – our top travel bucket list races

Of course, the big Daddy of events in terms of marathon and race destinations this weekend is the New York marathon. But these less obvious events are just as incredible, if not more so as amazing places to visit Lake Maggiore Marathon, Half & 10k We’re big fans of events that offer a variety of distances, which means it’s suitable for a big group of different friends taking part. We are also rather partial to any events in destinations where the food is GREAT. The Italian Lakes offer so much, particularly Lake Maggiore, with its stunning little villages that hug

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