Girls Run the World Project Marathon?

Are you running London, Brighton, Paris or Manchester in Spring 2020? We are opening a limited number of slots on Girls Run the World Project Marathon, our online community coaching scheme that provides a 16 week training plan, and ongoing access to founder Rachael Woolston and head coach Tara Shannahan

Training with Girls Run the World online gives you direct access to our coaches
We’ll be online, helping you adapt, progress and develop throughout the 16 weeks

Crossing the finish line of a marathon is a journey that doesn’t begin on the start line, it begins right back when you start training in December. And it should be a rewarding experience where you learn more about your capabilities and develop, week by week.

But all too often the training part can be stressful if you’re a woman and having to juggle multiple demands on your time, whether it’s work and looking after kids or both of these things. That’s where our group community GRTW Project Marathon comes in.

We don’t just provide you with a 16 week plan (starting in December) and leave you to it. We help you to adapt your training if work/injury/holiday gets in the way. It means that you keep building consistency and developing towards your goal, maintaining confidence and motivation.


How it works

Your 16 week training plan is delivered via our software partners, Training Peaks, which allows you to see your plan on your mobile device or laptop, along with all the specific instructions that you need for that session (no trying to find the wrinkled piece of paper with lots of biro all over it!).

Training is delivered via Training Peaks direct to your mobile device
Training delivered direct to your training device

You also get access to our closed Facebook group where you can share your journey with other athletes working towards the same goal and our team of coaches, who are on hand with advice and support. During the 16 weeks, we will also have one off video sessions with other experts in nutrition and psychology.

Coaches Rachael and Tara have over 15 years experience of coaching female runners, from beginners to PB chasing athletes from the start to finish. They are experts in female coaching, with a host of UKA Athletics qualifications, yoga teaching, biomechanics and more between them.

What to do next?

Click on the link to apply. The cost is just under £7 per week, less than £1 per day for 16 weeks payable in one block £99 total. Rachael and Tara’s usual fee for individual one on one mentoring is £99 per month.

There are very limited spaces. Apply today and you will be informed at the latest by December 9th, ready to start training in December.

Applications close 8th December 2019. Apply now.