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TRI FIT women's tri suit

GRTW Tri Suit Review: TRI-FIT Geo Black Edition

Girls Run the World founder, Rachael Woolston has worn a lot of tri-suits while racing in 70.3 and Ironman events. Here she gives her verdict on TRI-FIT Geo from Aussie brand, TRI-FIT I’ve worn all sorts of Tri-suits while training and racing for events, from two piece separates to one piece, from six inch length shorts to 10 inch (sadly, I have to say the GB Age group kit was the MOST uncomfortable and unflattering!). From first impressions, the TRI-FIT GEO Edition Black looks amazing in the box and it is super flattering. I’m 5ft 7 inches and a size

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How to have your best winter running season

The thought of driving rain, wind, and dark mornings can make even the hardiest of us dread the winter running months. But read our five tips to help you overcome the dread and have your best winter ever… Embrace the Season Yes, it is cold, it is more than likely to be raining, there may well be howling winds. But embracing these elements will equip you build mental resilience. And running in the winter gives you the opportunity to see and experience the shift in colours and nature. In fact, being in awe and wonder of the great outdoors can

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UTMB 2019 finish line

Three Reasons Why You CAN Run an Ultra

Women’s participation in trail and ultra running is renowned for being low. Here one of the GRTW ultra coaches, Lucja Leonard dispels the common worries that deter many women I could never run 50km Most runners, including the elite ultra runners walk or hike some portions of an ultra. It’s a proven method of tackling an ultra, particularly if it is a mountain one. ‘When I did the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, which is 106 miles with 10,000m ascent, I walked about 60% of it,’ explains Lucja. By hiking, you conserve energy and have the time to take on much

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Marathon Swims 2019 (1km swim)

Medals that made me: Katie Wright

GRTW swim strength coach, Katie Wright shares the lessons she has learned from her race experiences…including learning that swimming open water without a wetsuit is COLD… National Aquathlon Championships 2019 Lesson learned: Practise in race conditions and being good at one discipline does not translate to multi-discipline events are I entered this event off the back of three swimming pool-based events, the first of which I learned the hard way that you can’t – and most definitely should not, compete in an aquathlon wearing just a swimsuit; the run was a painful experience. So, turning up to the National Aquathlon

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Lessons we learn when running

Lacking motivation without a confirmed race? Here, Erika Snyder, 36, yoga teacher and mum of three from Washington, US, explains how a switch in mindset during her first ultra marathon helped her to let go Why do I run? Why do any of us run? It’s a question that my coach, Danielle, often asks me. ‘What is your why?’ Like most of us, my answers used to range depending on the day. Some days, it’s to escape the house, other times, a quest for fitness, or simply a chance to slow down and take time out from the relentless pace

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Five of the world’s most amazing outdoor pools

We can but dream…add these to your triathlon outdoor swimming wish list… The San Alfonso del Mar, Chile This private water resort in Chile is 1km long, still quite a few laps for an Ironman distance swim but we wouldn’t complain! Kolej Yayasan Saad (KYS) international School, Malaysia This has got to be the most amazing lap pool over at over 3km per length. Bit of a pain if your coach has given you a kicking drill for one length, eh? Chamonix, Mont- Blanc, France Chamonix, our hearts like in this gorgeous mountain town in the Alps where we hold

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We celebrate the women who inspire us

On this International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the trail blazers across running and triathlon, and pledge to work towards bringing gender parity in race participation and coaching In 1967, Katherine Switzer became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. Her coach at that time said women were ‘too fragile’ to run marathons, while a race official tried to bundle her off the course. Katherine not only finished the race, but many more subsequent races and paved the way for many other women to compete too. Katherine has since set up 261 Fearless to encourage more women in running.

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How to pace others to a Parkrun PB

Alongside the This Girl Can campaign, to get more women to Parkrun this International Women’s Day 2020, we are on a mission to provide some all-female pacing teams. How many times has Parkrun helped you over the years, either to get started running, to achieve a personal best, to help you achieve the final tempo part of a long marathon run or a brick session for triathlon? Whilst Parkrun encourages both inclusivity and participation, it is also a great training method for performance. So, this International Women’s Day come and join Girls Run the World to celebrate, by running in

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Are you a mind or soul athlete?

Being aware of what drives you, will help you to plan and choose which are the right types of events to enter and the best way to train for them If you were to think of well known athletes, who would you think of who is someone who is a mind athlete, someone who pushes through using the power of the mind, who is probably always breaking down the numbers in their head, driven by the statistics? And on the flip-side, who looks like they do it for the heart-pumping, lung-burning joy of it? Paula Radcliffe and Chrissie Wellington are

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Girls Run the World Project Marathon?

Are you running London, Brighton, Paris or Manchester in Spring 2020? We are opening a limited number of slots on Girls Run the World Project Marathon, our online community coaching scheme that provides a 16 week training plan, and ongoing access to founder Rachael Woolston and head coach Tara Shannahan Crossing the finish line of a marathon is a journey that doesn’t begin on the start line, it begins right back when you start training in December. And it should be a rewarding experience where you learn more about your capabilities and develop, week by week. But all too often

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