Are you a mind or soul athlete?

Being aware of what drives you, will help you to plan and choose which are the right types of events to enter and the best way to train for them

We all like to reach our goals but understanding what makes you tick will help you to a great 2020

If you were to think of well known athletes, who would you think of who is someone who is a mind athlete, someone who pushes through using the power of the mind, who is probably always breaking down the numbers in their head, driven by the statistics? And on the flip-side, who looks like they do it for the heart-pumping, lung-burning joy of it?

Paula Radcliffe and Chrissie Wellington are examples of pure mind athletes, whereas Dina Asher Smith and ultra runner Jasmin Paris, seem to be those who run for the joy.

That is not to say mind athletes don’t enjoy what they do or those who run from the heart, don’t strive for peak performance. One is not better or worse than the other. It is simply that understanding how YOUR brain ticks, can help you to choose the right events to enter, and the best way to train so you have a truly amazing year.

And if you decide to get a coach to help support you in that journey, that you pick someone who understands exactly what makes you tick and creates a training block that speaks to YOU.