Author: Rachael Woolston

How to create your own solo running adventure

Races may have disappeared from calendars during the pandemic. But it led to many people creating their own training adventures, including GRTW founder, Rachael Woolston Everyone has heard of bike packing which has exploded in popularity during and since the pandemic. But what about just taking off on your own two feet for a solo running adventure and sleeping wild under the stars? I decided to try fast-packing over the Easter weekend, mapping a route on the Monarch’s Way that would allow me to start from my home. First considerations of course, how could I do it as lightly as

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Sweet Potato, Walnut & Tenderstem Broccoli Salad

Melt in your mouth roasted sweet potato, paired with chilli roasted walnuts is the perfect combination in this nourishing salad from the Girls Run the World kitchen Ingredients (for two) Two sweet potatoes, roasted in their skin Two softly boiled eggs Organic salad leaves Tenderstem broccoli, lightly steamed Walnuts, roasted in the oven with chilli powder Red onion, sliced and chopped Tomatoes, to your own taste One sliced ripe avocado Dressing: olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and white wine vinegar Combine all together and serve! This is the perfect post training recovery salad, or you can add chickpeas or meat

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Delicious cherry smoothie for runners

Breakfast Cherry Smoothie for Runners

You often don’t feel like eating when you’ve finished a hard training session but that’s when you need to eat the most. Try this delicious smoothie for easy sipping to help your recovery Protein, slow and fast release sugars, and vitamins are all needed within a 30 minute window of finishing a hard training session if you want the best recovery. Try our delicious smoothie recipe for runners. Ingredients Nut or coconut milk (add additional depending how runny you prefer) Handful of oats Half a banana Fresh or frozen cherries or blueberries Spoonful of Greek yoghurt Whizz together in a

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Running Shoes And Sustainability

Do you think about where your latest pair of worn out running shoes goes when they are no longer fit for purpose?  It is estimated that over 90% of footwear produced will end up in landfill, often within just 12 months of being purchased and decomposition can take over 50 years. When the global pandemic hit and the world went into lockdown, planet earth seemed to have a moment to recover. Suddenly there was less traffic on the roads, no planes in the sky and for many of us, getting outside into nature became a respite from being stuck indoors,

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Four Tips for Improving Your Cycling for Triathlon

Girls Run the World triathlon coach, Fran Bungay explains her simple tips for cycling improvement In terms of cycling for triathlon, there is a tendency to think that you have to ride with a cadence of 90-100, because that’s what pro cyclists ride at, right?  Yet they only train in cycling and most of them have been riding all their lives and so they can sit comfortably at that cadence. For most mere mortals, this cadence will send your heart rate sky high, which is not a good recipe when you have to run a half or full marathon off

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We’re Hiring – Want to Join our Team?

As one of the first digital platforms for women’s running and triathlon, we are growing quickly and have big dreams. We are recruiting for passionate people who can help us support more women around the world Freelance Social Media & Content Junior We’re looking for a passionate junior to help create and implement our social media to increase brand awareness and community engagement. Your role will be include the following: To help manage GRTW’s social media channels, including Facebook (page and group), Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, covering visual assets, copywriting, posting and planning & scheduling. Work with the founder or Social Media manager to

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Changing the way you breathe can improve health and performance

How Nostril Breathing Can Improve Health & Performance

Increasing evidence is now beginning to point towards the benefits of nostril breathing for improved performance, health and emotional well being Buddhist and Hindu culture has focused on the importance of breath work to benefit both the mind and health. But it is only in recent years, with the popularity of the Wim Hof method in particular, that attention in the West has turned towards how we breathe and the impact on every aspect of our health and performance in running and triathlon. Five Benefits of Nostril Breathing Boosts mental well being According to studies by Dr John Douillard, author

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Marathon Swims 2019 (1km swim)

Medals that made me: Katie Wright

GRTW swim strength coach, Katie Wright shares the lessons she has learned from her race experiences…including learning that swimming open water without a wetsuit is COLD… National Aquathlon Championships 2019 Lesson learned: Practise in race conditions and being good at one discipline does not translate to multi-discipline events are I entered this event off the back of three swimming pool-based events, the first of which I learned the hard way that you can’t – and most definitely should not, compete in an aquathlon wearing just a swimsuit; the run was a painful experience. So, turning up to the National Aquathlon

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The Marathon Medals That Have Made Me

Starting our new series of articles, where we share the lessons learned from race experiences from the Girls Run the World coaches and community. First up, GRTW CEO Rachael Woolston shares her marathon experiences Lake Garda Marathon, October 2012 Be specific My first marathon, which I ran for the experience of it rather than racing. A beautiful road marathon, I learned that you need to be absolutely specific with your training. I trained purely off-road and so my body was not equipped for road running. Finish time: 3 hours, 50 minutes. Mumbai Marathon, January 2013 Watch what you eat Another

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Open water swimming

Essential open water swimming kit for winter

With Covid causing swimming pool closures, GRTW CEO, Rachael Woolston, has committed to swimming in the open water through winter. Here’s her essential kit guide to winter swimming. I started swimming in the open water five years ago, when I first took up triathlon. One of my first open water triathlon events was early in the season in the river Arundel. I was so worried about the cold, I ended up purchasing a lot of different bits of kit. Something that I now REALLY need. I’ve been through a lot of different kit, and these are my pick of the

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