Author: Rachael Woolston

Why Strength Training is Essential for Menopausal Women

Are you going through hormone change and discovering that your body feels and responds differently? Read on for our tips on how to future proof your body From the age of forty onwards, (sometimes earlier) our bodies begin to undergo hormonal flux. And usually when we approach menopause, average age 51, the natural decline in the sex hormone, oestrogen results in a loss in bone density, lean muscle mass and a corresponding increase in belly fat.  Small wonder that your body begins to feel and respond differently to training, nutrition and lots more besides! Add to that, a decline in

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Marathon Mastery Series: The Taper

Are you having the terror tapers? Join the other millions of women who are more than likely feeling exactly the same. Here’s how to handle the marathon taper and figure out what is worth being disciplined about and what you should put down to complete maranoia… I feel so lardy and out of shape. I’m losing all my fitness. Argh. As long as you haven’t just stopped running completely as part of your taper, you will NOT be getting out of shape. While volume should be decreased (and how much you should decrease mileage varies according to what level of runner you

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Ginger, Apple and Coconut Granola Recipe

Most granola recipes and the ones you can buy in the shops are usually loaded with sugar despite being promoted as a ‘health’ food. This recipe is delicious; fruity and warming with a hint of spice minus the sugar rush. Ginger, Apple & Coconut Granola (makes a big jar) Juice the apple and ginger, and add that to the oil. Combine all the ingredients together (you can add some cinnamon to taste) until everything is moist. Spread out on a lined baking tray and leave in the oven, gas mark around 60 for around 1-2 hours. It’s done when it

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Open water swimming

Essential open water swimming kit for winter

GRTW CEO, Rachael Woolston, shares her essential kit guide to open water winter swimming. I started swimming in the open water five years ago, when I first took up triathlon. One of my first open water triathlon events was early in the season in the river Arundel. I was so worried about the cold, I ended up purchasing a lot of different bits of kit. Something that I now REALLY need. I’ve been through a lot of different kit, and these are my pick of the best, as tried and tested in rivers, reservoirs, lakes and the sea. Orca Thermal

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5 essential tips for racing in bad weather

In an ideal world, we’d be able to run in wind-free, rain-free conditions. But if you’re racing in the northern hemisphere, it’s best to be prepared… Layer up before the race Wear layers to the start line, (clothes that you don’t mind throwing away during the race to be collected for charity) so that you stay warm. Then you can take layers off as you warm up. Think about things that you can unzip, rather than have to take over your head which will be hard as you start running hard. Arm sleeves You get some great arm sleeves from

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why midweek runs are important for endurance run training

3 Reasons You Should Never Skip Your Midweek Run

When you are training for an endurance event like a marathon, it can be tempting to miss midweek runs in favour of focusing on the long run. But here’s why the midweek run is SO IMPORTANT Feel the Fatigue & Do it Anyway In an ideal world, it would be great to always have that feeling of running on fresh legs. But in any long distance running event, you will inevitably experience fatigue. Midweek runs are partly there to help you experience running on fatigued legs to help you build mental and physical resilience. So, don’t fear them or think

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Science of the core: 3 of the best core exercises for female runners

Think core and most people think of it as just the rippling (or not) six pack muscles. Or if you’ve done some Pilates, maybe you’ll have heard about the TVA – the transverse abdominal muscle, which helps to create a corset-like affect and helps to protect your back. But the core is much more than this, it’s your internal and external obliques, your back muscles, pelvic floor, TVA,  six pack, and even your butt.  The best way to think of the core and why it’s so important, according to the American College of Sports Medicine is to think of it

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ultra runner on top of a mountain

The Secret to Completing an Ultra Marathon

The biggest misconception about an ultra is that everyone runs the entire race. In reality, walking is not only acceptable but should be part of your race strategy as GRTW ultra running coach, Lucja Leonard explains Many runners who new to ultra running, assume you have to train to run at the same pace for an ultra as you would do a road marathon. IN reality, your training will be completely different for an ultra trail run compared to a road run, or even a trail race of a marathon distance or under. With vertical ascent/descent, technical trails and distances

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two women with medals after the gatwick half marathon

Five Reasons the Half Marathon is the Perfect Race Distance

Busy women, listen up! Forget adding stress to your life by training huge volumes and focus on a half marathon. Here’s why it’s the perfect race distance According to statistics from in 2020, 52.2% of all half marathon participants on average are women. And here’s why this distance is understandably so popular. You can fit your training in and a social life Ever looked at a marathon training plan and seen a ‘3 hour run’ scheduled for a Sunday morning and thought no way? Well, with half marathon training, you can fit in your training plans and a social

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