Sports Nutrition Review: Rawvelo

Every month we review sports nutrition and how it works, specifically for women. First up, the 100% plant-based products from Rawvelo

Raw pressed energy bars can be better for midlife female athletes

 Over the last five years, lots of new products have entered the sports nutrition market, finally offering some diversity from other companies who have dominated it for years.

Rawvelo focus on making endurance sports nutrition that’s better for you and for the planet. Thumbs up for fully recyclable packaging and their partnership with First Mile.

But what about taste, performance and nutritional impact for women?

You may be thinking, ‘Do I actually need different nutrition for endurance events from men?’

Quite possibly (although as usual, most of the research is done on men so there’s no way of knowing..yet!) because women have more fat, so reason our nutritional demands over long distance will differ from men.

And from a midlife perspective, if you are going through hormonal shifts, aiming for a product which is as natural as possible could help.  Their gels are made from fruit juices, coconut sugar and natural brown rice, which is gentler on the stomach.

Although Rawvelo products are not aimed specifically at women, their bars are cold pressed, which means that the bars are not baked ensuring greater nutritional benefits.

The Taste Test

Energy Gels

With flavours including Blood Orange and Passionfruit and Coconut, these already sound so much nicer than most gels. And I can report that the Blood Orange one that I tried was REALLY nice. Not too thick, easy to have without water, no residual taste in the mouth and immediate energy pick up. Recommended!

Energy Bars

Having trained for Ironman distance events, I’ve tried a lot of energy bars in my time. And the one that stood out for me in their range is the Peanut Butter and Jelly. Delicious, and easy to eat on the bike without getting stuck in your teeth, which makes it easy to chew and eat on the run too.

I also tried the Chocolate Walnut Brownie, which was nice but similar to other products that I’ve tried. But I’ll be purchasing the Peanut butter one.

Overall Review

Taste: 4/5

Performance: 4/5 (have not tried yet on a long distance event)

Value: 4/5 at £11.99 for a box of six gels or £10.69 for a box of five energy bars is similar to other products. My only gripe is not being able to purchase a mixed box of gels.

Rawvelo also offer hydration products with a package that includes gels, energy bars and hydration mixes.