When taking on a multi-stage ultra, what you need to pack in your bag and take along for the ride can be just as important (and stressful to think about) as any other part of your training and preparation. After taking on a six day event in the Croatian mountains, here’s some top tips from GRTW content writer Ruth

Pick the right bag

How much gear you need to take will of course depend on how long your event is and where you will be staying. You’ll need a bag big enough to comfortably fit everything in so you can access it easily and pack/ re-pack quickly if you are moving locations throughout the event. Waterproof bags are also great if you’ll be camping as there’s nothing worse than having everything in your bag soaking wet!


Separating out everything within your bag makes a huge difference! You’ll be able to grab your kit for the next day, find your charging cable and your toothbrush in a flash, especially if you’re brain is not functioning as efficiently as it might usually do after a long day of running.

Mandatory Kit

All multi-stage events will have some checklist of mandatory kit that you are required to carry at each stage. Requirements may vary but packing all your mandatory gear into the bag you’ll be running or cycling with makes it much easier to ensure you actually have it all come race day.

Food Rations

Putting each days food into individual, labelled portions, makes re-fuelling after and during each stage very simple. Just grab and go (you just need to remember what day it is). This also means you won’t eat everything in your bag all in one go!

Get Comfortable

The last thing you’ll feel like doing after a long day out on the trails is putting on ‘real clothes’. Pack something super comfy, easy to pull on and that you can’t wait to put on once you are done for the day.

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