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When taking on a multi-stage ultra, what you need to pack in your bag and take along for the ride can be just as important (and stressful to think about) as any other part of your training and preparation. After taking on a six day event in the Croatian mountains, here’s some top tips from GRTW content writer Ruth Pick the right bag How much gear you need to take will of course depend on how long your event is and where you will be staying. You’ll need a bag big enough to comfortably fit everything in so you can

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Meet the GRTW Ambassador Community

Earlier this year we launched our Trailblazers scheme to find women who embody our mission of inspiring and empowering through movement. Meet our first recruits who train and race but most importantly support and motivate each other and you. We believe that running and triathlon has the power to change lives and create positive change. Together, we hope to spread that message … Michelle (Chelle) Carlton, 34 Chelle lives in Southport with her husband Sam (also a runner) and cat Pebbles and credits running with giving her the resilience needed to work as a personal assistant in the ‘crazy world of

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Running saved me

Marathoner, swimmer, breast cancer survivor, US actress, Ingrid Walters, 49 spoke to GRTW founder, Rachael Woolston about mental resilience and how running kept her sane… Actress and elite marathoner Ingrid Walters chats to us about getting faster with age, running through breast cancer and the need for better representation of black, Asian and mixed-race female athletes in endurance sport. Ingrid was a competitive swimmer in her teens, one of the few black faces at the swimming pool in 1980’s America, a scene she now finds familiar as a marathon runner. At the age of 47, Ingrid achieved a sub 3

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How to Get a Parkrun PB

Get set to getting a park run personal best when it returns this July with our four tips from the Girls Run the World coaching pros to help you get in tip top form Are you excited for Parkrun to make a comeback? Who knew you could miss a Saturday morning 5km quite as much as we have all missed Parkrun? This free 5km running (or walking) Saturday morning event is much loved by many worldwide and for dedicated fans has been something much missed during the pandemic. ‘What we love about Parkrun is that it is open and accessible

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running pack

Five of the Best Running Packs

Getting set to hit the trails this summer? Find out the best running packs as recommended by real runners in our latest Real Women Review With more and more women taking up trail running and ultra running, all which require mandatory kit, finding a running pack that is big enough and comfortable over many miles is almost as challenging as the race. Room for kit, waterproofing, comfortable and big enough room for all the snacks (surely one of the joys of ultra running is taking a stash of delicious goodies, eh?) which is the best? Here’s our guide as tried

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Sun’s out, sunglasses out! In our latest Real Women review, we round up five of the best running sunglasses as recommended by some real-life female runners. When the sun comes out, we tend to be very good at layering on the sunscreen (you do, don’t you?!) to protect our skin but what about our eyes? The radiation from the sun in the form of UV light, even on cloudy days can damage our eyes. So along with looking for sunnies to help you see well on the trails and roads as you run, opt for a brand that includes both

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Running Shoes And Sustainability

Do you think about where your latest pair of worn out running shoes goes when they are no longer fit for purpose?  It is estimated that over 90% of footwear produced will end up in landfill, often within just 12 months of being purchased and decomposition can take over 50 years. When the global pandemic hit and the world went into lockdown, planet earth seemed to have a moment to recover. Suddenly there was less traffic on the roads, no planes in the sky and for many of us, getting outside into nature became a respite from being stuck indoors,

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Five of the Best Recovery Techniques

Want to progress in your running and triathlon? Give your body the chance to adapt to the training stress with these recovery tips GRTW Coach Recommendation: Performance Naps We all know that sleep gives our muscles the chance to recover after running or triathlon training. But have you ever tried a short nap for recovery after a hard session? Give it a go, it works. ‘If you’ve done a long run or bike ride, or something very intense, the very best thing you can do is to sleep for ten minutes,’ explains GRTW founder and coach, Rachael Woolston, V45 winner

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Six of the Best Running Bras for Every Cup Size

In our latest Real Women Review article, we reveal the best high impact running bras as recommended by real female athletes just like you Best running bras for C-Cup and below Punch Sports Bra, £39.00 – Coaches Recommendation “My go-to is the Punch sports bra, it’s super comfortable and provides a good amount of coverage so if I run with my top off I don’t feel like I’m running near naked! I’m a 36B and I got the small size which fits me comfortably. I really like the wide shoulder straps and the wide, thick chest band, so there’s no

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Reflective Flipbelt

Ten of the Best Reflective Running Kit

With less daylight hours, learn the beauty of pre-sunrise and night time road and trail running. But make sure you can be seen… Jackets Proviz REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket, £99.99 Proviz’s REFLECT360 Women’s Outdoor Jacket is waterproof and windproof, with an outer shell that is 100% reflective. Any light from a vehicle, or the torchlight of a passing runner or cyclist will reflect back making you light up the night. Craft Lumen Lightweight Reflective Running Jacket, from £89.66 This Craft reflective running jacket has all-over reflective print for enhanced visibility. It’s better for fast, short tempo runs at night as it

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