Ten of the Best Reflective Running Kit

With less daylight hours, learn the beauty of pre-sunrise and night time road and trail running. But make sure you can be seen…


Proviz REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket, £99.99

Proviz’s REFLECT360 Women’s Outdoor Jacket is waterproof and windproof, with an outer shell that is 100% reflective. Any light from a vehicle, or the torchlight of a passing runner or cyclist will reflect back making you light up the night.

Craft Lumen Lightweight Reflective Running Jacket, from £89.66

This Craft reflective running jacket has all-over reflective print for enhanced visibility. It’s better for fast, short tempo runs at night as it is lightweight and made with soft fabric that moves well with your body. And with a hood for a snug fit on cold morning or night runs.

Running Tights

Brooks Carbonite 7/8 Tight, £80.00

Brooks carbonite womens running tight

This Brooks Carbonite 7/8 women’s running tight combines stretch and visibility to ensure both comfort and confidence as you run. With a 3M reflective panel, that reflects light back, it’s also lightweight and breathable.


These are definitely better suited to the winter, as they are thicker helping to keep you warm at temperatures down to -5C. Perfect for those icy mornings! But the reflective pattern on the tights is something to behold – like a lit up tiger.

Decathlon may not be a running specific performance brand but they have great designers and think of many things other running brands should take note of…in this case, good waistband and pocket for your smart phone. Handy when you’re rushing out the door and don’t have time to find all the other parapahenalia!

Graduated compression for faster recovery between workouts. The wide waistband offers storage for phones, keys and other essentials.

Running Accessories

Flipbelt Reflective, £34.99

The Flipbelt Reflective is brilliantly reflective, as well as giving you a place to stash your keys, cards and other essentials. It comes in 5 sizes and fits around your waist, being flexible enough to fit over clothing for maximum reflectiveness. 

RonHill Night Runner Women’s Head Band, £14.29

The perfect addition to a dark run for long haired women, it will keep your ears and forehead warm, leaving room for a pony-tail. This lights up brilliantly. Quick and easy to pull on in the morning or at night. Available from Sportsshoes.com

Safety Skin Reflective Skin Spread, £11.99

This reflective accessory is a little different. Sometimes, the last thing you need is yet another layer, so for those days and nights when it is dark but still warm, safety skin gives you the option of making yourself reflective without the need for additional clothing. Rub on to the skin to create a reflective stripe that is highly visible in low lights and headlights. Plus, the ‘spread’ is rain and sweat resistant and is made with just seven skin friendly natural ingredients. Available on amazon.


CEP Reflective Midcut Socks, £19.95

CEP reflective running socks

Looking for running socks that increase your visibility? The reflective yarn in CEP’s Reflective Mid Cut Running Socks gives you 360-degree visibility in the dark.The breathable fabric moulds to your foot to ensure a comfortable fit and prevents friction.

Balega Enduro Reflective Quarter Socks, from £14.00

Balega reflective running socks

Here at GRTW HQ, we are BIG fans of Balega running socks. They always come in great colours and are super comfortable for every type of run, from tempo to speed work, trail running to ultras. In the US, they’ve now launched Their reflective versions contain glass refractive beads knitted into the rib top to provide high visibility reflection for running in low light conditions.

Proviz Classic Airfoot Running Socks – Mid-Length, £11.99

Proviz are experts in designing clothing and accessories for runners and cyclists. These mid-length socks feature a reflective yarn integrated at the cuff of the sock and a reflective band designed to ensure you are seen. Plus, they are made of a moisture wicking fabric that draws moisture away from the skin to keep feet dry.

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