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three women on a trail going for a run wearing sunglasses

Real Women Review: Best Running Sunglasses

Find out which sunglasses everyday runners rate for style, performance and value for money… Oakley Caveat from £73 I’m on my second pair of these I love them so much! They don’t budge on the run, very lightweight and seriously super comfy. They are not the cheapest but my first pair have lasted years. The best thing about these glasses is the style, they’re one of the most ladylike things I own! – Wendy Walsh Performance: **** Style: **** Value: ***** The Oakley Caveat sunnies are an ultra lightweight design so if you like the feeling of wearing nothing on

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Hate taking sports gels? We asked the GRTW female athlete community what they use to effectively fuel long training rides and runs Fruit and Nut Cases ‘Dried dates are my favourite snack for during a run! Super easy to pack and store, I find them to be gentle on my stomach but packed with easy access simple carbs.’ Angeline Letourneau ‘Trail Mix! I find the blend of nuts (fats) and carbs (raisins) gives a nice blend of sweet/salty and is hearty enough to really keep those long runs on track.’ Mallory Capraro ‘Dried fruit (esp cranberries, cherries, pineapple) mixed with

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On your bike! Cycling sunglasses are not all about fashion but are an essential item for riders throughout the year. So what shades do real-life female cyclists recommended? We asked our community of real women for their top picks. Aside from doing the obvious, and arguably most important job of protecting your eyes from the harmful rays from the sun, cycling sunglasses can also keep out debris from the road, protect from the wind and keep out any bugs that might fly into your face as you are whizzing down that hill. Spiuk SKALA €69.90 – Coaches Recommendation “Not a

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running pack

Five of the Best Running Packs

Getting set to hit the trails this summer? Find out the best running packs as recommended by real runners in our latest Real Women Review With more and more women taking up trail running and ultra running, all which require mandatory kit, finding a running pack that is big enough and comfortable over many miles is almost as challenging as the race. Room for kit, waterproofing, comfortable and big enough room for all the snacks (surely one of the joys of ultra running is taking a stash of delicious goodies, eh?) which is the best? Here’s our guide as tried

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Goggles are an essential part of open water swimming kit. Our latest Real Women review asks our community of female swimmers what brands and models of goggles for open water swimming they most love and why Come on in, the water’s lovely. TYR Special Ops 3.0, £32 and Speedo Vanquisher 2.0, £25 – Coaches Recommendation “For marathon swims, the TYR Special Ops 3.0 available in a Femme and Normal size. I’ve worn these for up to 9 hours without a goggle mark after! Super comfortable and most swimmers I recommend them to also love them. For up to 10k or

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Sun’s out, sunglasses out! In our latest Real Women review, we round up five of the best running sunglasses as recommended by some real-life female runners. When the sun comes out, we tend to be very good at layering on the sunscreen (you do, don’t you?!) to protect our skin but what about our eyes? The radiation from the sun in the form of UV light, even on cloudy days can damage our eyes. So along with looking for sunnies to help you see well on the trails and roads as you run, opt for a brand that includes both

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woman running outside in nature

Six of the Best Running Bras for Every Cup Size

In our latest Real Women Review article, we reveal the best high impact running bras as recommended by real female athletes just like you Best running bras for C-Cup and below Punch Sports Bra, £39.00 – Coaches Recommendation “My go-to is the Punch sports bra, it’s super comfortable and provides a good amount of coverage so if I run with my top off I don’t feel like I’m running near naked! I’m a 36B and I got the small size which fits me comfortably. I really like the wide shoulder straps and the wide, thick chest band, so there’s no

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cycling gloves

Real Women Review: Top Winter Cycling Gloves

When it comes to winter riding, cycling gloves that keep your hands warm and toasty are an essential piece of kit. One of the most common complaints from cyclists in the winter is that of cold hands. We’re here to help with our pick of the best cycling gloves. Assos ASSOSOIRES Winter Gloves, £70.00 “I swear by my Assos neoprene gloves. They are comfortable, versatile and work a treat for the mostly mild UK winters.” – Becky Goodwin, GRTW Tri Coach The flexible softshell is not only snug and warm it does a brilliant job of preventing cold icy air

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Six of the Best Winter Cycling Overshoes

Getting cold feet about cycling outdoors this winter? We know the feeling! Read our Real Women Review guide to the best cycling overshoes as chosen by the our cycling community and coaches SPATZ ‘Pro 2’ Overshoes, £99.99 “Spatz are easy to get on, they’re totally windproof, and keep my feet pretty warm. Plus, they have proved to be completely waterproof.” –Becky Goodwin, GRTW Triathlon Coach “In my humble opinion, look no further than Spatz’s cycling overshoes for winter riding. Not winning any awards for style BUT they are amazing.” – Dotty OK, so there are not cheap but they come highly

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Kogalla trail light

Real Women Review: Trail Running Lights

As part of our ‘Real Women Review’ series, here’s our review of the best trail running torches as chosen by real female runners to help you see clearly on your trail and urban runs during the winter GRTW Coach Recommendation: Kogalla RA Adventure Light, £112.97 “I love my Kogalla RA Adventure Light – with 800 lumens it basically lights up the forest like a truck headlight. You can also attach it on your waist, across your shoulders, anywhere EXCEPT your head. I find this much more comfortable and the beam is still wide enough to illuminate any trail. I have trouble seeing

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