Real Women Review: Trail Running Lights

As part of our ‘Real Women Review’ series, here’s our review of the best trail running torches as chosen by real female runners to help you see clearly on your trail and urban runs during the winter

GRTW Coach Recommendation: Kogalla RA Adventure Light, £112.97

“I love my Kogalla RA Adventure Light – with 800 lumens it basically lights up the forest like a truck headlight. You can also attach it on your waist, across your shoulders, anywhere EXCEPT your head. I find this much more comfortable and the beam is still wide enough to illuminate any trail. I have trouble seeing depth perception in the dark so I want to light that up!” Lucja, GRTW ultra running coaching team

Battery time: 3 hours at highest setting, this uses a battery pack, recharged via USB.

LED Lenser H8R, £80.95

LED Lenser H8R trail running light

“My LED Lenser H8R is really bright, it’s robust and has a great battery life with high lumens of 600 for a mid-price point. It is a bit heavy but it is a solid bit of kit.

And my tip for getting it at a good price, look on tool and fishing sites and you can often pick it up without the runners premium!” – Nicola

Battery time: 10 hours on the highest setting. With a red flashing light at the back for visibility.

Decathlon’s Run Light 250, £29.99

Decathlon run light 250 - trail running lights
This fits snugly around the chest, so you don’t have to wear a hat to keep a head torch comfortable.

‘The Decathlon Run Light 250 goes around your chest and has a really bright light considering it’s 250 lumens, along with and a flashing red light at the back to heighten your visibility for others. With three modes, you can also lessen the brightens, which is handy for urban runs when you don’t want to blind anyone.

It also has a long charge life which is handy as I use it twice a week before I have to charge. It’s great for the price and has the added bonus of making you look like Iron man” – Jenny Hall

Battery life: 2 hours at the highest setting, rechargeable via USB.

Petzl Reactik, £74.59

Petzl Reactik headlight

“The Petzl Reactik headlight is big, comfortable and rechargeable. With 300 lumens it lights up the trails ahead of me and the headband is reflective for improving your visibility to others.” –Catherine Bevan

Battery life: 15 hours, uses battery or rechargeable via USB.

Energizer Vision Ultra Headlight, £14.49

Energizer Vision Ultra Headlight

“I love my Energizer Vision Ultra which boasts 400 lumens is rechargeable and a great budget choice. I’ve used it in all weather conditions and it has a pivoting head so you can choose where to direct the light.

It served me really well through a boggy track doing Canicross last night! Head torch, adjustable angle and really bright.” – Rachel

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