Month: December 2021

women's trail running training programmes

Women’s Trail Running Programmes

Get stronger and explore awesome landscapes with our event-focused online women’s trail running training programmes for 2022 Over the last two years, Girls Run the World have been on a mission to boost women’s participation and performance in trail running. From trail running and yoga retreats, to virtual events, and women’s trail running training programmes and strength, we have helped to build confidence, strength, speed and connected women around the globe. For 2022, we are on building this with two event specific women’s trail running training programmes that will offer our members a 12 or 16 week training plan, four

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What Makes A Good Marathon Training Plan?

Type ‘marathon training plan’ into Google and it returns over 4 billion results. So how do you choose a good one? Here, Girls Run the World founder and marathon coaches give her view Choosing the right marathon training plan depends on your goal and experience. And the free ones that accompany race entry, the charity you might run for, or are free to download will not be specific to you, your background as a runner or even the race. Whether you are a first timer, seeking Good for Age qualification or a specific race time, this is what you should

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