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How to Train for a Marathon on a Summer Holiday

On holiday during peak week marathon training and unable to follow your training plan? Don’t sweat it…follow our guide to staying on track even if you can’t follow your training plan Plan It Devise a flexible plan that fits around your lifestyle or work with a coach who can support you with a bespoke, individulised plan that suits you and your commitments. Trying to adhere to a strict training plan that doesn’t allow for any wiggle room adds additional stress and can leave you feeling demotivated if you don’t manage to follow it to the letter. Remember, whilst running can

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Girls Run the World open water swimming coach, Kelly Gentry shares 5 great ways to get the most out of your swimming workout from warm-up to cool down. As busy women, we want to get the most out of our time in the water. How do we do that? Avoid garbage yardage! Swimming a designated time or distance without choosing a focus or varying what you’re doing can often prevent you from gaining the benefits of your time and effort. Break your workout down into achievable segments. Avoid focusing on what is ahead in your training. Swimming takes constant conscious, mindful effort.

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What do you drink before a race or training session? Tea or coffee? If you simply can’t head out of the door on a run or ride before you’ve had your dose of the good stuff, don’t worry, your caffeinated beverage of choice actually does have performance benefits. Studies highlighted by the Tea Advisory Panel show that regular tea drinking can have positive benefits on brain health thanks to the combination of polyphenols, caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine. This magic combo can improve mood and a sense of calm by relaxing blood vessels and improving their function. Tea polyphenols

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3 Signs You Are Training Too Hard

Sometimes the hardest part of any training plan in the lead up to a race, challenge or event is listening to our own bodies and knowing when to take it easy and when to push on. Juggling life, work, training and responsibilities is a fine balancing act and judging when we need to take it easier in training can be a minefield when we want to compete well or complete a session on a training plan. How do we know when we are genuinely doing a bit too much compared with that feeling of ‘kind of want to go for a

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Marathon Swims 2019 (1km swim)

Medals that made me: Katie Wright

GRTW swim strength coach, Katie Wright shares the lessons she has learned from her race experiences…including learning that swimming open water without a wetsuit is COLD… National Aquathlon Championships 2019 Lesson learned: Practise in race conditions and being good at one discipline does not translate to multi-discipline events are I entered this event off the back of three swimming pool-based events, the first of which I learned the hard way that you can’t – and most definitely should not, compete in an aquathlon wearing just a swimsuit; the run was a painful experience. So, turning up to the National Aquathlon

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UTMB 2019 finish line

Medals That Made Me: Lucja, GRTW Ultra Coach

In our latest series, Lucja Leonard from the GRTW Ultra running coaching team shares the lessons that she’s learned from each race to help her improve Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon, October 2013 Lesson: Test out your nutrition I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I entered this self-supported multi-stage race of 250km over seven days though the Kalahari desert in South Africa. I’d chosen to enter it after seeing it in a book that my husband, Dion had bought me, called The Worlds Toughest Endurance Challenges.’ I had researched the event by reading blogs by other

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The Marathon Medals That Have Made Me

Starting our new series of articles, where we share the lessons learned from race experiences from the Girls Run the World coaches and community. First up, GRTW CEO Rachael Woolston shares her marathon experiences Lake Garda Marathon, October 2012 Be specific My first marathon, which I ran for the experience of it rather than racing. A beautiful road marathon, I learned that you need to be absolutely specific with your training. I trained purely off-road and so my body was not equipped for road running. Finish time: 3 hours, 50 minutes. Mumbai Marathon, January 2013 Watch what you eat Another

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Menopause and running

Menopause and Performance: Navigating Hormonal Changes as a Runner or Triathlete

As women hit their forties and beyond, hormone changes during the peri-menopause and menopause can affect our body shape, performance, mind and soul. But there are things that you can do to help support yourself in this Female athletes can achieve amazing performances in their forties plus, irrespective of going through hormonal changes. this October for World Menopause month we’ll show you how. In 2019, Joan Benoit Samuelson took on the Boston Marathon 40 years after setting a record of 2:35:15. Her goal was to finish within 40 minutes of her original time. She succeeded, with a time of 3:05:18

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Four Tips to Avoid Burnout and Ensure Training and Race Day Success

Autumn is often a time when we reset after a busy summer and set ourselves new race goals. But read this before you enter anything to ensure race day happiness Six months of lockdown, working from home (some with kids in tow), no holiday abroad and races cancelled, this September has seen an explosion in race sign ups in a bid to escape the inertia. In the desire to get out in the fresh air, have a target after being so long without a training motivation, thousands of us have entered endurance events that leave us little time to train.

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Four Essential Tips for Trail Running Recovery

Taking to the trails opens up a little slice of adventure in your day to day life. Small wonder it becomes so addictive but with it taking more effort it’s even more important to heed recovery strategies… Build your strength ‘Huh?‘ you may be thinking. ‘That’s not recovery.’ Strength work is a vital component of trail running as it keeps you efficient on the trails so you don’t overwork – and therefore injure yourself. It doesn’t need to take hours of training, just short, simple kettlebell or plyometric type exercises can reap big rewards both in making it feel easier

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