How to have your best winter running season

The thought of driving rain, wind, and dark mornings can make even the hardiest of us dread the winter running months. But read our five tips to help you overcome the dread and have your best winter ever…

Embrace the Season

Yes, it is cold, it is more than likely to be raining, there may well be howling winds. But embracing these elements will equip you build mental resilience.

And running in the winter gives you the opportunity to see and experience the shift in colours and nature. In fact, being in awe and wonder of the great outdoors can boost mental health.

And you can always take part in Girls Run the World Runuary™ ? Since 2016, over 5000 women have done this 31 challenge to run every day of January, sharing the journey with women across the globe. Registration opens in November.

Set A Winter Training Focus

Set yourself a target that will help you to progress through the winter, towards your 2022 goal,’ says GRTW founder, Rachael Woolston. ‘If you are not very good at pacing or ‘feeling’ pace, work on this at parkrun doing progression runs where you try to increase your effort level on each kilometre
‘If you know you need to get stronger, find some hills in beautiful locations. The need to train for A races means you should have more time to explore, make the most of it.’

Find a Training Buddy

Setting a time and date will help to make you more accountable and can make running in the dark a safer and more appealing option than lacing up on your own. Or indeed, running in the rain on your own!

Pic credit: GRTW ambassador Rebecca Owen

Post Run Treats

That hot cup of coffee or steaming hot shower at the end of a bone chilling run will be so much more satisfying and rewarding than if you’d just skipped in from a fair-weather run. Treat yourself to some luxury bath and shower products for your post-run reward; Neom Organics has a great de-stress range including luxury bath foam and magnesium body butter, the perfect way to help you warm up and recover well (and smell great!). Get your post-run treat ready and waiting for you, something to look forward to when the going gets tough. Hot chocolate, anyone?

All the Gear

Winter training is the perfect opportunity to get dressed up. When else do you have the chance to really show off all that great kit that’s been hiding away in the wardrobe all summer? Hats, gloves, long sleeved tops, new socks, waterproof jacket, the list is endless. Training kit in the winter is just more fun. You can even keep warm (and look great) with one of our GRTW comfy running beanies.

Tackle the elements this season with Girls Run the World, by joining our Train Strong Together programmes to work towards a big, exciting goal race in 2022.

Registration opens in November 2021. They will also be included in the GRTW annual membership,currently £15.30 per month (paid as one sum annually) with the membership 1st year launch offer, GRTWTB.