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News Release: GRTW Train Strong Togetherâ„¢

Our recent survey of women in triathlon discovered that time to train with others is one of the main factors that prevent women from training for endurance events. Today, we announce our new online training groups to help support women around the UK to participate and achieve their race goals in trail running and triathlon Nowadays, there are running and triathlon clubs in most major cities if not towns. But that still leaves great areas of the UK without a club, or even if there is one, most sessions are in the evenings. For many women, this rules club participation

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What’s it like to run 200 miles?

Girls Run the World ultra running coach, Lucja Leonard has taken part in some of the world’s most renowned races, from the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc to Marathon Des Sables. But few runners have journeyed as far, physically or mentally, with her latest endurance feat running 200 miles in the Big Foot 200 in the USA… When I mentioned to non-ultra runners that I was thinking about taking on 200 miles, they thought I was crazy. But to me, it was about testing my limits, seeing how far my mind and body could take me. Before I took on

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Out of running due to injury or because you’re off on holiday? Don’t panic. Discover how you can use swimming to overcome injury and stay fit for running Swim with a training focus In order to reap physiological benefits from swimming that are transferable to running, you need to challenge your body to a specific workout in the water. Get your heart rate up; don’t just go for a gentle up and down of the lanes. GRTW running coach and swimming champion, Katie Wright, recommends the following speed swim set. ‘200 metre sets – that’s eight lengths of a 25

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Wondering whether getting a bike fit is worth it? We chat to performance bike fitter, Lydia Dant at Phoenix Evolution bike fitters to discover more When you buy a bike, it comes with stock parts built to manufacturers standards but is not specific to your body. The longer you spend in the saddle therefore, it stands to reason that getting the bike fitted to your body is a price worth paying. ‘A proper bike fit can be the difference between wanting to ride your bike and not wanting to ride your bike,’ explains Lydia Dant, performance lead at Phoenix Evolution

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Want to get faster over a marathon distance? Start using parkrun in your training and see how it can improve your training and race times It helps you to run faster All good marathon training plans, irrespective of whether you are a first time marathon runner or going for a Good for Age place, incorporate speed work (check out the GRTW marathon training plans here). Running faster, makes you a faster runner. But no one likes the thought of speedwork, right? Step forward parkrun. ‘Going faster than your goal marathon pace over a shorter distance helps to get your legs

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Delicious cherry smoothie for runners

Breakfast Cherry Smoothie for Runners

You often don’t feel like eating when you’ve finished a hard training session but that’s when you need to eat the most. Try this delicious smoothie for easy sipping to help your recovery Protein, slow and fast release sugars, and vitamins are all needed within a 30 minute window of finishing a hard training session if you want the best recovery. Try our delicious smoothie recipe for runners. Ingredients Nut or coconut milk (add additional depending how runny you prefer) Handful of oats Half a banana Fresh or frozen cherries or blueberries Spoonful of Greek yoghurt Whizz together in a

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Girls Run the World, women supporting women in running and triathlon

News Release: Choose to Challenge

On International Women’s Day, Girls Run the World announce our choose to challenge initiative to address gender disparity in three main areas, trail running, triathlon and coaching Girls Run the World was born out of a demand for a sports tech platform, that offers digital training and coaching specific to women in running and triathlon. Today, on International Women’s Day 2021 we announce our two year initiative as part of the campaign #ChooseToChallenge in the following areas. TRAIL RUNNING Our mission is to increase the numbers of women participating in trail running. Although this figure is increasing, studies ndicate that

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Get faster for park run

30 Days Get Faster Plan For ParkRun

Shave minutes off your race time and centimetres off your waistline with our 30 Day Race Shape Challenge 2021 launching 29 March How exciting is it that Parkrun returns on June 5th after over a year of hiatus? Whether you used your Saturday morning park run to run your first ever 5km, meet up with friends, as a time trial, a long marathon training run with a tempo sandwich or a run off the bike, it works well for all types of runners and triathletes and at all stages of your training journey. But we’ve all been out of practise

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Four Tips for Improving Your Cycling for Triathlon

Girls Run the World triathlon coach, Fran Bungay explains her simple tips for cycling improvement In terms of cycling for triathlon, there is a tendency to think that you have to ride with a cadence of 90-100, because that’s what pro cyclists ride at, right?  Yet they only train in cycling and most of them have been riding all their lives and so they can sit comfortably at that cadence. For most mere mortals, this cadence will send your heart rate sky high, which is not a good recipe when you have to run a half or full marathon off

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UTMB 2019 finish line

Three Reasons Why You CAN Run an Ultra

Women’s participation in trail and ultra running is renowned for being low. Here one of the GRTW ultra coaches, Lucja Leonard dispels the common worries that deter many women I could never run 50km Most runners, including the elite ultra runners walk or hike some portions of an ultra. It’s a proven method of tackling an ultra, particularly if it is a mountain one. ‘When I did the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, which is 106 miles with 10,000m ascent, I walked about 60% of it,’ explains Lucja. By hiking, you conserve energy and have the time to take on much

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