Month: November 2018

Why strength training can transform your running

If you want to avoid injury, improve your running form and fast track your running progress, the missing ingredient is strength training If you were to ask hundreds of runners – and sport scientists, the single thing that makes the biggest different to improved running, it would be strength training. Imagine a ball that is pumped up and one that is slightly flat; the pumped up one rounds off the floor quickly while the flat one barely leaves the floor.  That’s the difference that a conditioned muscle makes to your running form compared to a running body that has not

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Launching #grtwproject26.2

Have you got a Spring marathon lined up next year? Read on to find out how to you could WIN our silver service training package worth £480 for  as part of #grtwproject26.2 2019…   Signing up for a marathon is exciting, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth time of running 26.2 miles. But juggling training, family, relationship, work and lifestyle commitments can derail even the most enthusiastic and committed runner amongst us. Which is why we have created our one to one virtual silver coaching package, which provides you with personalised training plans written for YOU by one of our team

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