Month: June 2020

How to develop a winning mindset

We chatted to sports psychologist, Dr Josephine Perry on our Instagram Live Chat series about how to develop a winning mindset – and staying motivated without races in 2020 How do you improve your mindset so that you can improve your ability to feel uncomfortable but still push through in training or racing? A lot of it comes down to motivation, which many of us are struggling with at the moment because the key determinants of our motivation are your goals, and Covid 19 has wiped out all the races. It’s much easier to get on the treadmill if you

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What’s the difference between a tempo and an interval run?

Confused about the difference? Here, GRTW Head Honcho of online running programmes, Tara Shannahan explains and how it can make you a faster runner Interval Run An Interval run is when you run fast for an interval of time, then allow the body to partially recover and then repeat.  Why do we run intervals? The purpose of these runs are to train our VO2 max, which means the maximum amount of oxygen your body can process to fuel your run. Your VO2 max is determined by two things – the ability of your heart to pump oxygenated blood around the

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News Release: Who are the fastest women in the UK?

On 30th May, we challenged over 1800 women to race for Team North or South over 5km and see who was the fastest… For thirty days, 1766 women challenged themselves to improve their running technique, efficiency and speed over 5km with the Girls Run the World 30 Day Race Shape Challenge (usually £50, it was free during Covid to help raise money for Refuge). A further 89 women signed up for the final showdown, Queens of Speed North vs South virtual 5k challenge on 30th May. 40.2% ran for Team North, 59.8% for Team South. And the winners were… Team South, with an

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