News Release: Who are the fastest women in the UK?

On 30th May, we challenged over 1800 women to race for Team North or South over 5km and see who was the fastest…

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For thirty days, 1766 women challenged themselves to improve their running technique, efficiency and speed over 5km with the Girls Run the World 30 Day Race Shape Challenge (usually £50, it was free during Covid to help raise money for Refuge).

A further 89 women signed up for the final showdown, Queens of Speed North vs South virtual 5k challenge on 30th May.

40.2% ran for Team North, 59.8% for Team South.

And the winners were…

Team South, with an average time of 29 minutes, 52 seconds,
Team North with 30 minutes, 47 seconds.

Fastest Top Three Women

But Team North had the fastest individual woman, Faye Sharpley, with a time of 20.26, compared to the fastest woman for Team South, Emily Danverse in 20.41. 

The top three leaderboards for each region were…

Team North, Faye Sharpley, 20.26, Deidre Johnston, 21:24 and Alison 22.35.

Team South, Emily Danverse, 20.41, Jess Thomson, 21.18 and Hannah Williams, 21.39.

85% of those taking part smashed their PB

Best of all in our eyes, 85%* of those who took part in our 30 Day Race Shape training programme achieved a personal best.

Congratulations to all who took part and help used raise £3300 for Refuge!

*From our sample of 181.

If you would like to take part in our next combined group challenge, register for our pre-launch Smash Your 10km PB Online Programme, £50 which kicks off June 15th. Find out more here.

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