Month: October 2021

marathon training for some

GRTW Train Strong Together™

Choose a race goal that challenges and excites you, get ongoing coaching support and the accountability of being part of a team with the same target and race together… Nothing beats training as part of a group, sharing the journey, the trials and tribulations and that incredible sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line. It can be life-changing. And yet, according to research that we have conducted, many women are deterred from entering races that they really want to do because of lack of time, and confidence. Our Team GRTW Train Strong Together programmes for 2022 are about

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News Release: GRTW Train Strong Together™

Our recent survey of women in triathlon discovered that time to train with others is one of the main factors that prevent women from training for endurance events. Today, we announce our new online training groups to help support women around the UK to participate and achieve their race goals in trail running and triathlon Nowadays, there are running and triathlon clubs in most major cities if not towns. But that still leaves great areas of the UK without a club, or even if there is one, most sessions are in the evenings. For many women, this rules club participation

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Review: Veloforte Natural Energy Gels

Nutrition plays an important role in performance, particularly for endurance training. But with many products containing processed ingredients, could a more natural alternative be the answer? We put Veloforte to the test Sports nutrition generates big money, with the global sports nutrition market estimated to be worth 10.7 billion US dollars in 2020 and set to grow by over 10% from 2022-2028. But increasing numbers of recreational athletes suffer GI issues or simply don’t like to live healthy most of the time and then stuff their body with highly processed ingredients when they’re meant to be doing something healthy, like

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Meet the GRTW Ambassador Community

Earlier this year we launched our Trailblazers scheme to find women who embody our mission of inspiring and empowering through movement. Meet our first recruits who train and race but most importantly support and motivate each other and you. We believe that running and triathlon has the power to change lives and create positive change. Together, we hope to spread that message … Michelle (Chelle) Carlton, 34 Chelle lives in Southport with her husband Sam (also a runner) and cat Pebbles and credits running with giving her the resilience needed to work as a personal assistant in the ‘crazy world of

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What’s it like to run 200 miles?

Girls Run the World ultra running coach, Lucja Leonard has taken part in some of the world’s most renowned races, from the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc to Marathon Des Sables. But few runners have journeyed as far, physically or mentally, with her latest endurance feat running 200 miles in the Big Foot 200 in the USA… When I mentioned to non-ultra runners that I was thinking about taking on 200 miles, they thought I was crazy. But to me, it was about testing my limits, seeing how far my mind and body could take me. Before I took on

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