Review: Veloforte Natural Energy Gels

Nutrition plays an important role in performance, particularly for endurance training. But with many products containing processed ingredients, could a more natural alternative be the answer? We put Veloforte to the test

Sports nutrition generates big money, with the global sports nutrition market estimated to be worth 10.7 billion US dollars in 2020 and set to grow by over 10% from 2022-2028.

But increasing numbers of recreational athletes suffer GI issues or simply don’t like to live healthy most of the time and then stuff their body with highly processed ingredients when they’re meant to be doing something healthy, like running or triathlon. Step forward, natural alternatives which are increasingly entering the market.

Veloforte’s range of all natural energy gels have been created using plant-based fruit syrups and contain no synthetic ingredients. They have been developed to deliver the optimal mix of glucose and fructose by combining unrefined brown rice syrup (fast-release glucose) with date nectar which is higher in fructose to provide a slower release of energy. Electrolytes in the product come in the form of pink Himalayan salt.

‘I loved the small, easy to pocket size of these gels and I managed to fit all four of Veloforte’s gel flavours in the (very small!) back pocket of my shorts without any trouble,’ explains GRTW reviewer, Ruth. ‘Each 33g pouch delivers 22g of carbohydrates, each with a great consistency.’

The flavour of each of the gels is quite different; if you like fruity and zingy, give the Riba a go and if, you prefer something a bit more savoury, then the Primo flavour should hit the spot. The great thing about the different flavours is that you can carry a selection and you won’t get sick of one flavour.

As a self-confessed coffee lover, the Doppio flavour was definitely my favourite and gave me just the hit I needed during the last 3 miles of a 50km trail race. I’m a convert.’

Veloforte Natural Energy Gel Review

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