Month: June 2022

Why ultra running could be your superpower

Ruth Martin, GRTW social media manager and ultra runner explains how running is her superpower, helping her to develop skills for life and work… “Why do you love running so far?” is a question I often get asked. Yes, it makes me physically fit but it’s about far more. I’ve met amazing people and it’s encouraged me to be more adventurous and take challenges way beyond my comfort zone, which have developed me as a person. In fact, the more invested I’ve become, the more I think that ultra running is my own super power! Here’s why I think it

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TRI FIT women's tri suit

GRTW Tri Suit Review: TRI-FIT Geo Black Edition

Girls Run the World founder, Rachael Woolston has worn a lot of tri-suits while racing in 70.3 and Ironman events. Here she gives her verdict on TRI-FIT Geo from Aussie brand, TRI-FIT I’ve worn all sorts of Tri-suits while training and racing for events, from two piece separates to one piece, from six inch length shorts to 10 inch (sadly, I have to say the GB Age group kit was the MOST uncomfortable and unflattering!). From first impressions, the TRI-FIT GEO Edition Black looks amazing in the box and it is super flattering. I’m 5ft 7 inches and a size

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Sports Nutrition Review: Rawvelo

Every month we review sports nutrition and how it works, specifically for women. First up, the 100% plant-based products from Rawvelo  Over the last five years, lots of new products have entered the sports nutrition market, finally offering some diversity from other companies who have dominated it for years. Rawvelo focus on making endurance sports nutrition that’s better for you and for the planet. Thumbs up for fully recyclable packaging and their partnership with First Mile. But what about taste, performance and nutritional impact for women? You may be thinking, ‘Do I actually need different nutrition for endurance events from

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When taking on a multi-stage ultra, what you need to pack in your bag and take along for the ride can be just as important (and stressful to think about) as any other part of your training and preparation. After taking on a six day event in the Croatian mountains, here’s some top tips from GRTW content writer Ruth Pick the right bag How much gear you need to take will of course depend on how long your event is and where you will be staying. You’ll need a bag big enough to comfortably fit everything in so you can

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