GRTW Press: New coach, Natalie Creswick joins the team

We are excited to welcome inspirational triathlon and cycle coach, Natalie Creswick to our team who will be helping us to challenge the gender bias in women’s triathlon coaching and participation

Our recent surveys have indicated that one of the biggest obstacles to women’s participation in triathlon, particularly over the standard distance is confidence on the bike.

So, who better to join the team that 41-year old Natalie Creswick, British Cycling Level 2 coach who races for Magspeed. Best of all, she also understands how cycling applies to triathlon, having started out in triathlon.

“I found my love for cycling through being a triathlete, as my bike splits were usually the best female times and often top 5 in the men too, so I thought I’d try a crit race,’ she explains. ‘When I won that, I was hooked!’

While she is used to pushing through the pain cave during her races, she also loves adventures, with bike packing to the South Downs, the mountains of the Peak District and Scotland.

She also loves coaching others, with a British Triathlon Federation level 2 qualification alongside mentoring female performance coaches.

‘My favourite part of coaching is seeing people develop and watching their confidence grow,’ she says. ‘And being witness to their achievements, knowing how hard they have worked for them.’

And another reason we wanted her for the coaching team? Natalie is as passionate as us about empowering women.

Empowering women through cycling and triathlon

‘Aged 5 I was the only girl on my school football team, and broke my arm and I wasn’t allowed back in the team. After that football wasn’t ever something I was able to access, being denied participation in not just sport but all the other social, health¬†and¬†well-being benefits that come with it.

‘Being a triathlete and then a cyclist has brought with it so many opportunities, for travel, experiences, friendships, adventures, successes.

‘If I can help one person to feel welcome, more confident, more comfortable and more equipped to be involved then I will be happy.’

Natalie will be leading online turbo cycle training and will be available for 1-2-1 remote coaching. If you are interested in our mission to create gender equality in women’s participation in triathlon, register for our triathlon news here. If you are brand who would like to be involved, email