Hate taking sports gels? We asked the GRTW female athlete community what they use to effectively fuel long training rides and runs

Fruit and Nut Cases

Dried dates are my favourite snack for during a run! Super easy to pack and store, I find them to be gentle on my stomach but packed with easy access simple carbs.’ Angeline Letourneau

Trail Mix! I find the blend of nuts (fats) and carbs (raisins) gives a nice blend of sweet/salty and is hearty enough to really keep those long runs on track.’ Mallory Capraro

‘Dried fruit (esp cranberries, cherries, pineapple) mixed with cashew halves. Almonds are sometimes too dry for me during a run.’ Leslie Ann Rogers

Dried fruit and nut mixes contain a great mix of carbohydrates, protein and fats to power you through long runs and rides. You can even create your own special, tailor made mix.


Soreen bars. Even if they are squashed they still taste good!’ Marie White

‘I love the Aldi Tru bars! They’re like 5 ingredients, don’t melt and are basically dates, raisins and nuts.’ Anna Forrester

The Salted Caramel Chia Charge bar is amazing! As is the Choc Orange Nakd bar and the Chocolate Orange Perkier bar! All yum! Usually make my own but if I’m in a hurry then these are my go-to choices.’ Nicola Forwood

The supermarket shelves are stocked full to bursting with various snack bars and ‘lunch-box’ treats in a multitude of guises. Look for bars with a minimal ingredient list comprised of mostly natural and unprocessed things.

Savoury Snacks

‘I really like Ritz Crackers, I have to have some salty stuff in there to break up all the sweets! ‘ Katie Evers

‘I love savoury food as find sweet soon gets sickly. Rice cakes are favourites of mine.’ Helen Robinson

Throwing a savoury option into the mix can be really useful when your palate and your stomach just can’t take anymore sweetness. These products will often by higher in sodium, a good choice if you are sweating a lot, just be sure to hydrate well too.

Baby Food (yes, really)

Fruit baby food pouches, easy to carry & eat on the run, goes down easy, doesn’t upset my stomach, the packaging is easy to store (not all sticky like gel pouches) until you find a bin.’ Bobbie Ruhs

Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food – the smaller sized ones are the perfect size to fit in a pocket or running belt and I really like the natural ingredient make-up of them. Great for a quick fruity carb hit!’ Hannah Rose

Not just for kids, baby food pouches make for a portable and easy to consume option whether running or riding.

Be sure to practise your snack-attack strategy in training, don’t wait until race day to try a new product, your stomach might not thank you for it!

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