Month: July 2022

two women with medals after the gatwick half marathon

Five Reasons the Half Marathon is the Perfect Race Distance

Busy women, listen up! Forget adding stress to your life by training huge volumes and focus on a half marathon. Here’s why it’s the perfect race distance According to statistics from in 2020, 52.2% of all half marathon participants on average are women. And here’s why this distance is understandably so popular. You can fit your training in and a social life Ever looked at a marathon training plan and seen a ‘3 hour run’ scheduled for a Sunday morning and thought no way? Well, with half marathon training, you can fit in your training plans and a social

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How to Hydrate During Training and Racing

How do you know if you are hydrating properly in training and racing? Ruth Martin reveals the essential tips to ensure you hydrate correctly for performance and health What effect does dehydration have on performance? Our bodies are made up of 60% water, which we use to control our body temperature, brain function and join lubrication in every day life. Imagine the pressure that training and racing adds to that. Dehydration occurs when you lose too much fluid through sweating and don’t replace it. It can result in a lack of energy, brain fog and muscle cramps. Just two percent

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woman in red t shirt and shorts running in the mountains

Running a six-day ultra in Croatia

What is it like to run 260km over six days in the Croatian mountains with 12,000 metres+ of elevation? Ruth Martin reports from the front line of TRIBE Run for Love Four The Event: Tribe Run for Love Four is a 260km multi-stage ultramarathon taking place in Croatia following the Velebit Trail and traversing Croatian National Parks, coastal trails and island adventures, all to raise money to fight human trafficking and modern slavery. Nearly 80 runners cover the full 260km with a further 150 runners joining for the final half marathon on Krk Island. Runners sleep in shared tents with

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group of women running over a bridge

Transform Your Running Technique In 60 seconds

Improve your running technique and you’ll get faster by becoming more efficient. Try this … To run faster, you don’t even need to put any more effort in! You just need to cut out any poor technique that leads to wasted energy. Try this simple drill using a skipping rope. What does it do? Watch the video and note the following; A higher cadence Improved knee drive High hips; in other words, no flexion at the hips and a tall posture Feet landing under the hips for excellent drive off the feet Get someone to video you beforehand and then

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