Month: August 2022

Science of the core: 3 of the best core exercises for female runners

Think core and most people think of it as just the rippling (or not) six pack muscles. Or if you’ve done some Pilates, maybe you’ll have heard about the TVA – the transverse abdominal muscle, which helps to create a corset-like affect and helps to protect your back. But the core is much more than this, it’s your internal and external obliques, your back muscles, pelvic floor, TVA,  six pack, and even your butt.  The best way to think of the core and why it’s so important, according to the American College of Sports Medicine is to think of it

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ultra runner on top of a mountain

The Secret to Completing an Ultra Marathon

The biggest misconception about an ultra is that everyone runs the entire race. In reality, walking is not only acceptable but should be part of your race strategy as GRTW ultra running coach, Lucja Leonard explains Many runners who new to ultra running, assume you have to train to run at the same pace for an ultra as you would do a road marathon. IN reality, your training will be completely different for an ultra trail run compared to a road run, or even a trail race of a marathon distance or under. With vertical ascent/descent, technical trails and distances

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Could barefoot running help your technique?

Are the types of running shoes you wear the key to success? We’ve had barefoot running and carbon plates but where does the truth lie? Ruth Martin investigates …. In the 1970’s, running (or jogging as it was more commonly called!) gained popularity for recreation and the sports shoe industry reacted by developing technologies and features in modern running shoes based on the idea that they needed to prevent injury. In fact, running injuries did not go away and boomed right along with the boom in running. When Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run book was published in 2009, interest and

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Wondering whether getting a bike fit is worth it? We chat to performance bike fitter, Lydia Dant at Phoenix Evolution bike fitters to discover more When you buy a bike, it comes with stock parts built to manufacturers standards but is not specific to your body. The longer you spend in the saddle therefore, it stands to reason that getting the bike fitted to your body is a price worth paying. ‘A proper bike fit can be the difference between wanting to ride your bike and not wanting to ride your bike,’ explains Lydia Dant, performance lead at Phoenix Evolution

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woman running on beach with dog

How to Train for a Marathon on a Summer Holiday

On holiday during peak week marathon training and unable to follow your training plan? Don’t sweat it…follow our guide to staying on track even if you can’t follow your training plan Plan It Devise a flexible plan that fits around your lifestyle or work with a coach who can support you with a bespoke, individulised plan that suits you and your commitments. Trying to adhere to a strict training plan that doesn’t allow for any wiggle room adds additional stress and can leave you feeling demotivated if you don’t manage to follow it to the letter. Remember, whilst running can

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What do you drink before a race or training session? Tea or coffee? If you simply can’t head out of the door on a run or ride before you’ve had your dose of the good stuff, don’t worry, your caffeinated beverage of choice actually does have performance benefits. Studies highlighted by the Tea Advisory Panel show that regular tea drinking can have positive benefits on brain health thanks to the combination of polyphenols, caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine. This magic combo can improve mood and a sense of calm by relaxing blood vessels and improving their function. Tea polyphenols

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