Month: February 2023

Open water swimming

Essential open water swimming kit for winter

GRTW CEO, Rachael Woolston, shares her essential kit guide to open water winter swimming. I started swimming in the open water five years ago, when I first took up triathlon. One of my first open water triathlon events was early in the season in the river Arundel. I was so worried about the cold, I ended up purchasing a lot of different bits of kit. Something that I now REALLY need. I’ve been through a lot of different kit, and these are my pick of the best, as tried and tested in rivers, reservoirs, lakes and the sea. Orca Thermal

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why you should start sprinting at the age of 50

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Sprinting at the Age of 50

Take it slowly, is the advice traditionally given to female runners over 50. But the opposite is true if you want to improve your strength, progress your running and keep in shape Just for fun, I type into Google ‘at what age should you stop sprinting?’ Frustratingly, articles pop up from fitness ‘experts’ claiming that 50 would be a good age to reconsider your speedy days. Terms like ‘moderation’, ‘slow’, ‘steady’ and ‘light weights’ abound.  Yet, research proves that sprinting is essential for female runners over the age of 50 with multiple benefits.   From the age of the time of

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Why Midlife Women Can Benefit from Trail Running

Beautiful landscapes, adventure and escape, what’s not to love about trail running? But it could also be particularly suited to midlife female runners going through peri-menopause Boost strength and improved movement Ever heard the the old adage that running is bad for your knees? Well, what runner hasn’t! While research has proved that this is nonsense, road running does tend to cause increased stiffness because you only move in one plane. With trail running, every footfall is different. This engages more muscles, so you build core and glute strength and it improve proprioceptions. Not to mention better balance and co-ordination

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