Month: October 2022

Reflective Flipbelt

Ten of the Best Reflective Running Kit

With less daylight hours, learn the beauty of pre-sunrise and night time road and trail running. But make sure you can be seen… Jackets Proviz REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket, £99.99 Proviz’s REFLECT360 Women’s Outdoor Jacket is waterproof and windproof, with an outer shell that is 100% reflective. Any light from a vehicle, or the torchlight of a passing runner or cyclist will reflect back making you light up the night. Craft Lumen Lightweight Reflective Running Jacket, from £89.66 This Craft reflective running jacket has all-over reflective print for enhanced visibility. It’s better for fast, short tempo runs at night as it

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong During an Ultra?

21 things to think of before you race your next ultra from GRTW ultra-running coach, Lucja Leonard… You’ve done all the training, you’ve prepped your mind but a lot can go wrong on race day. Have you thought of the what ifs? After lots of mini disasters that I’ve either experienced or witnessed at ultras, here’s a non-exhuastive list of things that could, might and possibly will go wrong during an ultra. By thinking about what you can do to either prevent or deal with these issues if and/or when they happen you’ll be better placed mentally to carry on

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What Makes A Good Marathon Training Plan?

Type ‘marathon training plan’ into Google and it returns over 4 billion results. So how do you choose a good one? Choosing the right marathon training plan depends on your goal and experience. And the free ones that accompany race entry, the charity you might run for, or are free to download will not be specific to you, your background as a runner or even the race. Whether you are a first timer, seeking Good for Age qualification or a specific race time, this is what you should be looking for in a good quality training plan. Training Blocks Your

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How many pairs of running shoes have you ended up never wearing as they just didn’t work for you? Here, we highlight four brands that give you the opportunity to test run their shoes before buying Hoka Hoka is a brand that seems to have exploded in popularity on the running scene in recent years, thanks in part to the endorsement of athletes in the media, particularly in ultra running. Whatever your terrain, Hoka has something to offer with super cushioned road shoes, grippy trail shoes and a new, lighter shoe featuring a carbon fibre plate. What they say: Buy,

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have an off-season after a long training cycle

Three Reasons You MUST Take Time Out

If you love training and the finish line feels, it can be difficult to hit the off switch. But taking your foot off the gas is GOOD for your performance, body and brain. Here’s why and what we suggest you do instead… IMPROVE PERFORMANCE Training and racing all the time, whatever your level, places physical demands on the body. Finish line feels give you an endorphin high but also places stress on the body. ‘It’s not only the physiological stress demands on muscles and joints, but the high levels of cortisol,’ explains GRTW founder, running and triathlon coach, Rachael Woolston.

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Imagine a life without stress? Nice, huh. Read our guide for turning stressFULL into stress less… ‘AAhhhhhhh, I’m so stressed!’ Rarely an exclamation that indicates anything positive. How often have you found yourself thinking how much better you’d do at training, or how you’d be nicer to your partner and kids, or better at work if you could just remove all the stress from your life? You are not alone. A survey from Psychology Today revealed that of more than 23,000 women, 70% of respondents stated that their number one problem was stress. Here’s how to turn it around. 1. Change

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woman with running poles going up a mountain

Real Women Review: 3 of the Best Running Poles

Thinking of using poles for your next ultra? Read our review of running poles as tried and tested by women like you Harrier Catbells Aluminium Z-Poles £39, weight 239g for regular length I’m a complete novice but these poles come with instructions on how to set them up and are great if you’re on a budget. The more expensive they are, the lighter they are but I didn’t notice the weight of these whilst I was out running and climbing over the mountains. After a bit of practise, they were also easy to take out and put back in my

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why midweek runs are important for endurance run training

3 Reasons You Should Never Skip Your Midweek Run

When you are training for an endurance event like a marathon, it can be tempting to miss midweek runs in favour of focusing on the long run. But here’s why the midweek run is SO IMPORTANT Feel the Fatigue & Do it Anyway In an ideal world, it would be great to always have that feeling of running on fresh legs. But in any long distance running event, you will inevitably experience fatigue. Midweek runs are partly there to help you experience running on fatigued legs to help you build mental and physical resilience. So, don’t fear them or think

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News Release: GRTW Founder, Rachael Woolston announced as Outspoken Awards Finalist

We are excited to announce that founder of Girls Run the World, Rachael Woolston has been selected as a finalist for an Outspoken Award in the Business Impact category. The Outspoken Awards aim to celebrate and recognise the contribution of women working in endurance sports. The Business Impact Award is given to a woman in the business of endurance sport who is working to further women’s equity or diversity. ‘I’m delighted to be announced as a finalist for the Outspoken Awards,’ says Rachael Woolston. ‘When I set Girls Run the World up in 2016, it was to help bring more female

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