Month: March 2023

Marathon Mastery Series: The Taper

Are you having the terror tapers? Join the other millions of women who are more than likely feeling exactly the same. Here’s how to handle the marathon taper and figure out what is worth being disciplined about and what you should put down to complete maranoia… I feel so lardy and out of shape. I’m losing all my fitness. Argh. As long as you haven’t just stopped running completely as part of your taper, you will NOT be getting out of shape. While volume should be decreased (and how much you should decrease mileage varies according to what level of runner you

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Ginger, Apple and Coconut Granola Recipe

Most granola recipes and the ones you can buy in the shops are usually loaded with sugar despite being promoted as a ‘health’ food. This recipe is delicious; fruity and warming with a hint of spice minus the sugar rush. Ginger, Apple & Coconut Granola (makes a big jar) Juice the apple and ginger, and add that to the oil. Combine all the ingredients together (you can add some cinnamon to taste) until everything is moist. Spread out on a lined baking tray and leave in the oven, gas mark around 60 for around 1-2 hours. It’s done when it

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Four Reasons Why Competition is Great for Progression

Why do you run? Ask a group of female runners this question and some of the answers that might pop up are ‘to stay in shape’, ‘to socialise’, ‘for headspace.’ All of these things are really valid reasons to want to run, but how many women will say ‘to win races’? When we are used to, and expected, to take the back seat, it can be hard to admit that we actually want to come out on top over a field of competitors. Here’s four reasons why having a competitive edge can help you progress as a runner Running doesn’t only

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