Month: April 2023

eat fat in midlife


For decades, full fat anything became the ultimate villain. Choosing the low-fat option was considered the best option for health. The opposite is in fact true. Marketing in the diet industry pushed low-fat messaging, creating a whole host of products from fat-free cookies to frozen yoghurt. Low-fat spread and skimmed milk became the go-to items of women looking to ditch the fat. But it’s all a lie. Whilst all fats are not equal in the health stats, and you should steer clear of foods such as butter, cream and anything that clogs your arteries, eating a diet rich in essential

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Open any women’s magazine right now or scroll through the health and beauty accounts on instagram, and no doubt you’ll come across a glossy ad or a sparkling looking post extolling the virtues of adding a dash of collagen to your morning coffee or stirring in a sprinkling on your porridge. So what exactly is collagen, is it worth the health hype and is it THE supplement midlife women really can’t do without? Collagen 101 In reality, collagen does not ‘look’ quite as glamorous in real life as the wellness brands would have you believe. Collagen is actually a fiber

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Why Strength Training is Essential for Menopausal Women

Are you going through hormone change and discovering that your body feels and responds differently? Read on for our tips on how to future proof your body From the age of forty onwards, (sometimes earlier) our bodies begin to undergo hormonal flux. And usually when we approach menopause, average age 51, the natural decline in the sex hormone, oestrogen results in a loss in bone density, lean muscle mass and a corresponding increase in belly fat.  Small wonder that your body begins to feel and respond differently to training, nutrition and lots more besides! Add to that, a decline in

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