Sun’s out, sunglasses out! In our latest Real Women review, we round up five of the best running sunglasses as recommended by some real-life female runners.

Pic credit: Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

When the sun comes out, we tend to be very good at layering on the sunscreen (you do, don’t you?!) to protect our skin but what about our eyes?

The radiation from the sun in the form of UV light, even on cloudy days can damage our eyes. So along with looking for sunnies to help you see well on the trails and roads as you run, opt for a brand that includes both UV-A and UV-B protection.

Sunglasses that are tinted may allow your pupils to remain larger, exposing you to more harm from UV radiation. And ideally, opt for wraparounds to help cut down radiation from the periphery.

Coach Reccomendation, GRTW Founder, Rachael Oakley Sutro, £135

Oakley Sutro, one of the best running sunglasses

‘These aren’t cheap (particularly on a top of an Ironman entry – I bought these at the expo before the race!), but they are the business. Glasses often say they’re wraparound but tend to fall short. These do completely cover the eyes, they’re super light so you don’t notice that you’re wearing them and the lenses are fantastic, ensuring visibility in bright sunlight and shade – including dappled sunlight as you run or ride through trees.’

Sunwise Equinox RM White Sunglasses – £39.99

“Good quality but cheap and they have interchangeable lenses. I’ve had two pairs that have lasted 12+ years of hurdling, running and skiing.”

Sunwise Interchangable models feature wraparound protection from the sun with impact resistant lenses and a comfortable fit from rubberised nose pads. They even have flat arms making them perfect for fitting under a cap. And claim to cut out 100% UVA and UVB rays.

Sungod Classics – from £55

“Love these! They are great for blocking out the wind and stopping my eyes streaming. I was hitting the trails and mountains in Tignes at the beginning of lockdown and now back in the UK, these sunglasses work in all conditions.” Holly

Sungod lens tints have been engineered to enhance contrast and optimise clarity with triple-layer scratch resistance.

The ultra-lightweight frames are also really flexible so you can bend and twist them without breaking them, and with 100% UV protection.

Goodr – from £25

“I can highly recommend goodr sunglasses. They have fabulous designs, they’re a lovely weight (not too heavy), and they are non-slip, so they stay put.” Kerry

“The goodr OGs are really light and don’t move when they’re on your face. I’ve had other brand bounce! They’re also really brightly coloured and great value price wise, they look great!” Becca – This Bunny Runs

Probably one of the most fun sunglasses brands out there, goodr running specific range of shades feature polarised lenses, bright, colourful, patterned designs and an often hilarious selection of names such as flamingos on a booze cruise and sunbathing with wizards. 100% protection, Goodr believes running is fun so your gear should be too!

Oakley EvZero Blades – £143

“My fave running sunglasses are the Oakley Ever Blades as they are super stylish – best for running but can also be worn to the night club!” Dora – Ultra Black Running

These sunglasses feature a lightweight rimless design with grip on the nosepad and at the temples to keep them securely in place. These sport performance shades have been inspired by streetwear culture, designed to not only perform but look good.

So, when choosing a pair of sunnies for running, look out for a pair of lenses that blocks 100% of UV rays and look for a pair that will stay secure, even when sweating. Cool designs optional.

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