Six of the Best Winter Cycling Overshoes

Getting cold feet about cycling outdoors this winter? We know the feeling! Read our Real Women Review guide to the best cycling overshoes as chosen by the our cycling community and coaches

SPATZ ‘Pro 2’ Overshoes, £99.99

Long overshoes maintain warmth

“Spatz are easy to get on, they’re totally windproof, and keep my feet pretty warm. Plus, they have proved to be completely waterproof.”
Becky Goodwin, GRTW Triathlon Coach

“In my humble opinion, look no further than Spatz’s cycling overshoes for winter riding. Not winning any awards for style BUT they are amazing.”

OK, so there are not cheap but they come highly recommended. And if any of you have ever cycled with freezing cold feet in the winter, any price is worth paying! And these do come with a fleecy lining and waterproof to trap warmth.

Endura Road Overshoe, £29.99

“I’ve trained through the winter for cycling sportives including Majorca 312 and Maratona Del Dolomites and have had some horrible experiences of frozen feet while cycling.

Great zip, easy to get on

Over the years, I’ve tried everything from wearing heat pads in my cycling shoes (great at first and then they go hard and are really uncomfortable) to wrapping my feet in aluminium foil (old thy – it doesn’t work!) along with trying a huge variety of overshoes.

And of course, the best winter cycling overshoes are not the one I researched but the ones that I purchased as an emergency in Cambridge when I forgot my overshoes.

The Endura Road Overshoe is a neoprene waterproof shoe and it works brilliantly. And that’s the crucial point make sure they are waterproof as well as windproof.”

No details about the thickness of neoprene available.

CEO and Founder of GRTW, Rachael Woolston

GripGrab Ride Waterproof Shoe Cover, £35.00

This winter overshoe also comes with thicker neoprene

GripGrab overshoes are great – not the easiest to get on but snug. They’re the best I’ve come across.

I’m still yet to find a way to keep my toes warm in mid-winter, but I suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome, so my feet are even cold in summer.”

The waterproof shoe cover from GripGrab keeps your feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions. Built from waterproof, stretchable, coated fleece, they are 3mm neoprene and joined by waterproof seams. They also offer a 4mm version.

– Fran Bungay, Girls Run the World Triathlon Coach

Sealskinz All Weather Cycle Overshoe, £40.00

” If you want to be completely water tight, I also used to use their waterproof socks for coxing on the Tyne – very cold, very wet, these were the only things that kept my tootsies toasty and completely dry! I swear by Sealskinz overshoes

Gore C5 Gore Windstopper Overshoes, £50.00

“Gore’s Windstopper overshoes are really breathable and keep your feet comfortable in most conditions. However, they’ve yet to be tested during a real downpour.”
– Shauna

They also come with a fleece lining for riding on really cold days. Really easy to pull on and take off which is a big plus.

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